Get Local: Find Rich Social Media Content in Your Backyard

by | April 15, 2015

When it comes to posting on social media, one of the best practices is to update regularly. A consistent presence will keep you in front of your Facebook fans, and relevant content will help you to be seen in News Feed. But what do people want to see that will lead them to like your page and engage with your content? The answer: localized content.

If you post content on Facebook, they serve it to a select number of News Feeds. If others like, comment, or share your content, Facebook recognizes it as more relevant and will then show it to more people. As a travel company, people expect hotels to be sharing why your area is great and give them reasons to come visit. Here are some ideas for local content that people love to see:

local content 1Upcoming Events

Keep an eye on the calendar for your nearest arena, convention center, and theater, as well as your city’s events and festivals calendar. These are great opportunities to post about upcoming concerts or events, and you can post specials for those who plan ahead and book for the night. Don’t forget to mention if your hotel has a shuttle service, if your front desk staff can help arrange taxis, or if you can print boarding passes. Be a resource for your guests!

Local Attractionslocal content 2

Do you have downtown shops, pretty parks within walking distance, or nearby attractions? Take a day to walk around taking your own pictures of what makes your area great. Ask store owners if you can mention their business on your page, and maybe they’ll return the favor. You can spend a day building an image library, then schedule the posts for a once-a-week feature that provides long-lasting content and positions you as an area expert.

Testimonialslocal content 3

Did you have an especially chipper guest at check-out who just loved their stay? Did a team member go above and beyond to help a guest, who then told the GM or MOD? Ask if you can take a picture and get a quote about their experience at your hotel for you to post on social media. If you’re using our Reputation Management services, your guests will also be prompted to provide a written review that will be published on a major hotel review website, and you’ll have the ability to share it on your own social media accounts.

Helpful Informationlocal content 4

Providing information that travelers need will make you a hero! Share expected dates that attractions will open, such as waterparks or ski lifts; inform travelers about the times that local metros run or service changes; and provide information about your own amenities such as business centers or breakfast that will be of convenience to your guests.

How to Get Started

If you want to take the research time out of posting and streamline the process, ask about our new Social DIY product, a part of our Social Pro package. In addition to content we provide, you’ll have the ability to easily search, schedule, and post content specific to your area or interests. Our weekly Hot Content suggestions take just a click to share with your audience and make posting easy. Social Pro can be included in any of our complete marketing packages to help your hotel be found and get chosen.


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