How to Enhance Guest Service Experience at your Hotel

by | July 11, 2019

For hoteliers, there’s nothing more important than providing the best experiences for their guests. A positive guest experience can increase recommendations and create return-guests. With that said, we’re going to let you in on the top ways you can enhance guest service at your hotel.

Smooth Check-in Process

First impressions are powerful. Your front desk staff should greet guests with smiles, excitement and sincere hospitality. They represent your hotel, so it is very important that you train each employee so that your guests can have an excellent experience.

  • Personalized Greeting:

Make sure that your staff knows which guests are checking in for the day. When guests arrive, staff should mention their name when greeting them. Also, they should confirm the details of the planned stay such as room type and stay duration to confirm that all their needs will be met.

  • Communicate Amenity Details:

Aside from telling the guests about their room details, share specific details such as breakfast hours, the Wi-Fi password, and shuttle services. If your hotel has additional amenities such as a pool or a gym, remind your guests and encourage them to use take advantage of them during their stay.

  • Complimentary Snacks and Beverages: 

If you want to offer your guests a special treat without breaking the bank, consider offering complimentary cookies, granola bars or fruit. If you really want to wow guests, add on a complimentary beverage upon check-ins, such as a soda, seltzer, or fruit-infused ice water.


Up-to-Date Amenities


If your hotel has amenities, be sure to keep them up to date. This means that your hotel shouldn’t have old gym equipment, poor pool maintenance and so on. The goal is to give guests the ultimate experience inside and outside of their room.

  • Gym Service:

If you have a gym, consider buying a warm/cool towel fridge so that guests can feel refreshed after their workout. Ensure that your equipment is up-to-date, water is provided, and your facility offers wipes to disinfect off the machines after use.

  • Pool Maintenance:

Clean your pool regularly, and make sure its pH level is between 7.2 and 7.8. Periodically test your wheelchair lift to confirm it is properly working, and list your pool rules in clear sight.

  • Breakfast Availability: 

Many hotels serve continental breakfast, but serving one to two items off the standard menu can make your hotel stand out among the rest. Hot breakfast options like waffles, cinnamon rolls or biscuits please guests and might even get featured in positive reviews or social media posts.

Special Offerings


Yes, you may have to go a little out of your way to tack on additional offerings for your guests. However, the benefits that can come from making these additions can leave a lasting impression on guests.

  • Local Partnership Deals: 

Talk to local restaurants, sports facilities, yoga studios and so on to see if your guests can get a free workout or a discounted meal when staying at your hotel.

  • Romance Packages: 

Bundle up some wine, cheese, and chocolates into a basket. Then throw in a delivered dinner for two, and you’ve got yourself a hotel romance package.

  • Shuttles to Nearby Hot Spots: 

If you’re near an airport or a travel hot spot, we recommend offering guests complimentary rides to and from. If you can’t make it complimentary, include it in their booking for a minor fee.



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