Infographic: 10 Engaging Social Media Topics for Hotels

by | July 24, 2015

Sometimes the idea of posting to your business’ Facebook page can seem daunting – let alone multiple times a week. We know that everyone can face writer’s block, but coming up with posts can be easier than you think. We’ve put together an infographic with 10 great topics that your fans will love. Check out the infographic and then read more details below.

social media topic infographic

10 Engaging Social Media Topics for Hotels

1. Property Photos

Potential guests have seen photos on your website, but a common concern is wondering how old those photos are. Snap a picture of your hotel, whether it’s the outside, a clean room, the breakfast area, or the pool, and share that your property is looking forward to welcoming new guests.

2. Local Events

Are you near a convention center or arena? Does your town throw an annual festival such as Oktoberfest? Let your followers know what’s going on so that current guests know where the fun is and other fans will see you as a trusted local resource.

3. Transportation Information

Make your guests’ travel even easier by sharing transportation information, such as if you have an airport shuttle or the best way to get to the nearest metro station. This will show that you care about helping and taking care of your guests, even when they aren’t under your roof.

4. Favorite Local Restaurants

After a road trip, travelers are usually fed up with fast food. Share nearby restaurants that you love to go to – and maybe even suggest your favorite dish. If you have an on-site restaurant, you could also post your own specials or popular dishes.

5. Hotel Amenities

Nothing quite makes you want to go on vacation like seeing a sparkling pool on a summer day. Showcase what makes your place great – maybe snap a pic of a four-legged guest if your hotel is pet-friendly or mention if you have free WiFi. This is the place to show your property as a step above the rest.

6. Testimonials

Have an especially chipper guest at checkout? Ask for a quote you can Tweet or post to Facebook. Don’t forget to check if guests have left a post on your page complimenting your services, and share this with your fans. Almost 9 out of 10 travelers check reviews before making travel decisions, so a good review is priceless in promoting your property.

7. Deals & Discounts

There’s nothing better than feeling like you’ve gotten a great deal! Consider offering a Facebook special promotional price, or share information about when your room rates drop. If you have a specific deal or coupon, let your followers know where to find it. Filling the room at a reduced price is better than an empty room!

8. Ask Past Guests to Share Vacation Photos

People on social media love seeing photos, and they’re more likely to pay attention to a post with a photo than just text. Ask if anyone has a photo from their vacation that you could share or even just a story about their stay. Who knew your guests could be such a great source of content?

9. Answer Common Questions

Do you offer early check-in? How far are you from the airport? Are pets allowed? All you have to do is ask the person who answers the phones at your property what questions they get most often. If lots of people have the same question, then be an informative resource by posting the answer before they have to ask.

10. Profile an Employee

Ask a satisfied employee – front desk, room service, waiter – if you can share a photo of them on Facebook. If they agree, snap a pic and get a quote from them. Ask what they like most about your hotel or for their personal must-see site or restaurant in the area. Your audience will love seeing behind-the-scenes, getting local advice, and will know that your staff is top notch.

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