The Importance of a Long-Term Reputation Strategy

by | July 15, 2019

When implementing a new reputation management strategy, hoteliers hope for quick wins in score and city rank growth. In many cases, we do see some quick positive review growth when our clients start using our Reputation Influence program. However, the primary goal of our reputation solution for hotels is to achieve sustained positive growth over time. When reviewing client performance, it’s common to see small peaks and valleys in short-term results, with a clear positive trend over longer periods of time. Today, we’re sharing the performance of one of our long-time reputation clients, Ramada Limited San Diego/Near SeaWorld, to demonstrate the positive reputation growth clients can expect over years of committed reputation management.

Initial Progress With a Post-Stay Email Program

Ramada Limited - TripAdvisor Before

Ramada Limited San Diego/Near SeaWorld began their reputation journey at #177 out of 270 hotels in San Diego, with a score of just 2 stars.

Ramada Limited San Diego/Near SeaWorld partnered with us in to implement our Reputation Influence solution in October of 2014. They were one of the first hotels to implement Respond & Resolve™ as a beta client prior to the program’s launch. Prior to the beta test, and after 29 months of various levels of engagement in Reputation Influence, the hotel had experienced the following results:

  • Net Gain 10 Spots
  • 227 New Tripadvisor Reviews

Professional Review Responses Accelerate Reputation Growth

This growth may not seem exponential, however moving up 10 spots in TripAdvisor city rank in a competitive market like San Diego can have a lasting impact on bookings. The great news is that the success of Ramada Limited San Diego/Near SeaWorld didn’t end there. Following just two months of professional review responses from Travel Media Group, they saw a drastic improvement which made them a training case study. The following results were recorded on 4/1/16:

  • Additional Net Gain of 13 Spots (#166 out of 282 hotels in San Diego)
  • Doubled the number of monthly reviews (18 reviews per month)

Ongoing Success With Long-Term Reputation Management

This client has continued with Travel Media Group and has now been a client for just under 5 years. During that time they have had periods of high engagement, and periods of very low engagement. They have experienced normal business fluctuations (market changes, competitors, staffing changes, etc.), and despite these challenges, they’ve maintained a consistent reputation strategy.

This has resulted in a current city rank of #134 out of 292 hotels in San Diego, which is a net gain of 60 spots (approximately 12 city rank spots per year).

Ramada Limited - TripAdvisor After

Ramada Limited San Diego/Near Seaworld achieved a city rank of #134 out of 292 hotels in San Diego with a 3.5 star rating.

When it comes to reputation management, the strategy is very similar to investing in the stock market – there will be periods of fluctuation, and if you opt out during a downturn, you will lose in the long run. If you remain consistent in managing your reputation, the net effect will always be positive.

For Ramada Limited San Diego/Near SeaWorld, the market climate and business needs may have changed over time, but the positive impact that reputation management has had on their business has remained consistent.


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