Using Contests to Win at Social Media

by | January 14, 2015

The biggest challenges in starting your social media presence is to reach the people who have followed you and to get them involved in your brand. While people will like and share brands and products that they love (check out the #Starbucks hashtag on Instagram, for instance) it’s sometimes hard to get users to make the initial connection and see your brand as one they want to interact with. One way to influence followers to give you what you want – engagement – is to give them what they want – goodies.

Tips for Using Contests to Boost Hotel Marketing

Follow the Rules

The most important step to creating a successful social media promotion is to follow the rules. There are a lot of legalities to running a sweepstakes, giveaway, or contest, and each social network has its own rules governing promotions that are always changing that you’ll want to check out first. For instance, Facebook used to ban contests that asked fans to like an image to be entered, but it is now allowed. However, you can’t ask users to tag themselves in a photo they aren’t in to be entered to win. Your page can be banned for violating contest rules.

AnnounceGet the Word Out

Fans entering the contest will help your promotion to spread by being a visible activity to their own friends and followers within their network. However, the more entries the better, and there’s always room for more promotion. Ask employees if they would share the contest on their own social media to encourage their own friends and family to enter – but be clear that people in their household (including the employee) are not eligible to win so there’s no confusion later.

Boost Your Reach

If you’ve never sponsored or boosted a post before, a promotion is a great time to test the waters. Target people who have specific interests or demographic qualities that you’re looking to reach and put a little bit of your ad spend towards the promotion to gain followers. You can also choose to make the message more visible to existing fans or only show it to people who don’t like your page already.

Announce the Winners

Make a big deal out of the drawing! Acknowledge your winner on social media and thank all your fans for participating. Knowing that a winner was drawn and seeing the prize awarded will encourage people to enter the next promotion you run. With engagement like that, everyone wins.

Case Study: Social Media CustomersVictory

Hotels utilizing our Social Media product are currently benefiting from a promotion hosted by Travel Media Group giving away iPad minis to lucky fans. By using a Facebook App, the promotion is visible right on the company profile. Entering is easy, and on the entry form is an area to like the page and share the promotion. This provides fun content to share as well as a great opportunity for cross-promotion. Now, guests have an incentive right at check-in to connect with the hotel online. Best of all, we run all aspects of the contest so our hotels don’t have to worry about a thing.

See an example below of the iPad giveaway on one of our
Social Pro pages.





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