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The Real-Time Hotel Reputation Metric That Drives Long-Term Success

If you ask most hoteliers what’s most important about their reputation they will usually say, “my score” or “my star rating.” The metric they’re referencing, in most cases, is what we call a lifetime score. A lifetime score is the average of all the reviews a hotel has received on a review site or OTA. Other reputation services place a lot of emphasis on this score, but is it really what guests care about?

At Travel Media Group, we believe that your lifetime score doesn’t define your hotel. In fact, there are other important factors that influence a traveler’s first impression of your property and ultimately convince them to book or keep looking. That’s why we developed the 1st Impression Score® which can help you evaluate your hotel’s reputation based on the experience guests are having at your hotel right now – not over the past 5-10 years. 

The 1st Impression Score® doesn’t just evaluate your reputation online. By breaking down its components in TMG OneView® hoteliers can diagnose gaps in their guest experience. The score provides actionable insights for hotel managers to take control of their reputation – and their efforts will be evident as they watch the score change over time.

What Makes up a Traveler’s First Impression?

Recent Reviews

The recent review score is based on an average of the reviews on the first page of the review website. These are the reviews a traveler is most likely to read when they research your hotel.

Review Responses

One of the most important aspects of reputation management is minimizing the impact of negative feedback. Unique, consistent responses will boost travelers’ first impressions.

Review Flow

The frequency and recency of reviews are important metrics for first impressions. Travelers place more value and trust in recent reviews since they are likely to have a similar experience.

Lifetime Score

Lifetime average review score is the average of all the hotel’s reviews. It can place a hotel among a group of hotels for consideration, but it isn’t typically a deciding factor in the booking.

No one is really wondering what the guest experience was like at your hotel a year ago. Travelers want to know what to expect from their visit now!

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    The 1st Impression Score® has evolved the way our management group partners can assess portfolio performance. The score makes it easy to identify areas of opportunity for each property and implement an action plan to improve booking conversions.

    Erica Jo Rago

    Sales Director

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