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We understand that every hotel is unique. That’s why we don’t create one-size-fits-all packages. Let us customize a marketing solution to meet your hotel internet marketing needs. Whether you’re looking for a way to manage and track your hotel reputation, engage with guests and build an audience on social media, or attract more direct bookings with a vanity website, you can save with a bundled package.

A La Carte Solutions

We’re not here to sell you anything that won’t move the needle for your property. That’s why all of our solutions are available a la carte – so you can select the specific solution that your hotel really needs to be successful and acheive your goals.

Bundled Solutions Packages

The best way to save on your hotel marketing solutions is with a package. Your needs are still our priority, so every package is built to uniquely meet your hotel’s needs. Save by selecting two or more of our top solutions.

TMG OneView Free Trial

Not ready to invest in a marketing package yet? Try out our TMG OneView™ feed free for 60 days. Manage all the review and social media content travelers are posting about your hotel online in one easy-to-use dashboard that works on your phone!

All TMG Solutions Include:


Client Support & Training


TMG OneView Review & Social Alerts


24/7 Access to Analytics & Reporting


Continuous Product Innovation & Upgrades


Easy Automatic Payment Solutions

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For 35 years, Travel Media Group has helped hotels increase occupancy and improve revenue. As a hotel owner or manager, you can’t ignore the way travelers use social media, review websites and online listings to browse hotels and make booking decisions. Your online presence is like your landscaping – think of it as your online curb appeal. It’s the first impression travelers have of your hotel. Take control of your online curb appeal today by speaking with one of our hospitality consultants. We’ll work with you to design a package that fits your needs.

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