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Review Response Solutions for Hotels

Never Respond to Another Review Again:

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    R&R-Review & Response

    Respond & Resolve

    Professional responses to your hotel reviews

    Good or bad, it’s important to address feedback from your guests online. Review responses are a chance to provide customer service to the guest and additional context to others reading the responses. Make sure that every review receives a thoughtful, timely and professional response with Respond & Resolve by Travel Media Group.

    We Respond to Every Review

    Make sure every guest is heard with our review response platform. We respond to every review on major review and OTA platforms. Hoteliers can either approve and publish responses or set parameters for auto-approvals. Here’s how it works:


    New reviews appear in our dashboard, ready for analysis. Hoteliers can opt in to receive new review alerts.


    We manually analyze and tag each review for sentiment for hoteliers to see common topics at a glance.


    A writer will craft a unique response to each review, ensuring each of the guest’s comments are addressed.


    Hoteliers can review, edit, and approve every response. The responses then post directly on each review website.

    65% of travelers are more likely to book a hotel that responds to online reviews.

    Let Us Respond to Your Online Hotel Reviews

      We will contact you within 1 business day. By submitting this form you agree to our Privacy Policy.

      Save time by letting us write the responses for you

       Gain insights with advanced sentiment analysis

       Read & approve each response or set auto-approval criteria

      Rank higher in mobile and voice search results

      Focus on your property, not on your computer

      Never respond to another review again!

      Review responses published and counting

      Review responses published per month on average

      All About Review responses

      Which websites do you respond to reviews on?

      We respond to 100% of your reviews on TripAdvisor, Google My Business, Facebook,,, Expedia, Orbitz, Yelp, and Travelocity. We also partner with some hotel brands to respond to brand website feedback and are always working to include more platforms.

      How quickly do you respond to reviews?

      As soon as a review comes in, we begin to work on a response. Our responses are typically ready to publish within 24 hours from when we receive the review. Then, responses will post as soon as you approve them or will post immediately if auto-approval settings have been configured. We have crafted responses, gotten approval, and published in as few as four hours from when the review was written!

      Who is writing the responses?

      We hire professional writers who are based in the U.S. Our reputation analysts work directly with our authors and review feedback from hotels and ensure responses fit with the hotel’s voice.

      Are the responses unique?

      Our responses are expertly tailored to the content of each review. We never copy and paste responses, and every review receives a unique response. Hoteliers can provide additional context and instruction. For example, you can tell us phrases you prefer to use for certain situations or tell us when some rooms are undergoing renovations so we can respond to reviews better.

      What is the price of the review response service?

      Pricing is based on the number of reviews your hotel typically receives, so the cost varies by property. We offer unlimited review responses to respond to all public reviews. Or, hoteliers can customize their package by star rating or review website. Review response plans begin at $325/month. 

      How do we approve the review responses?

      After we submit a response for review, a designated person at your property can edit the response, send us comments or revisions, and approve the response. To save time, you can set up auto-approval parameters. For example, you could auto-approve responses to 3- and 4-star reviews, but manually approve responses to 1-, 2- and 5-star reviews.

      What is sentiment analysis?

      Sentiment Analysis is a tool that helps hoteliers learn exactly how guests feel about their hotel. The report is useful because it tells you about the areas of your hotel to improve.

      Travel Media Group provides a sentiment report about 31 specific property topics. These 31 items include cleanliness, bathrooms, Wi-Fi, safety and more. The report shows the amount of positive, negative and neutral feedback on every feature of the property.

      Sentiment Analysis will help you prioritize improvements on the property that will have the greatest impact on your review ratings.

      Review Response Success

      We help hoteliers save time and increase revenue with our smart solutions. Read about how we have helped hotels improve their online reputation with our review response solutions. The proof is in the performance.