7 Social Media Posts Travelers Want to See from Your Hotel Right Now

by | April 27, 2020

Social distancing and mandatory Stay in Place orders have users around the world turning to the internet, which places a pressure on businesses to keep the conversation going. As we move through response plans to the coronavirus, social media is a critical part of your action plan. In a recent poll of users conducted by HSMAI, 75% of users still want to be hearing from hotels. We’ve already discussed some ways you can maintain your presence overall, but this only scratches the surface of the types of posts your hotel can be making to answer to every category in the graph.

Source: HSMAI Global https://global.hsmai.org/

Below, you’ll find in-depth explanations and sample posts that you can take inspiration from in making more engaging, relevant posts that your followers want to hear.

Packages and specials for future stays.

A pleasant surprise for many hoteliers, guests are eager to see what deals hotels may be offering in the wake of the virus. Over 50% of polled users from STR state that they want to resume a normal amount of travel or more once it’s considered safe again. With economic stress prevalent across the U.S., many potential guests are seeking affordable solutions to satisfy their itch to travel. It’s fairly clear why this is engaging to users: retail therapy is one way many cope with being stuck inside. Being able to plan for a trip in the future gives guests something to look forward to, and a discounted room rate or package deal may be just the thing to earn that booking. Additionally, there may be large groups of frontline workers who are more desperate to seek a deal immediately, so they can have shelter away from loved ones they don’t want to risk infecting.

A Facebook post made by Quality Inn in Richmond, KY

The post above from a Quality Inn in Richmond, Kentucky is just one example of how this information can be laid out. This hotel in Kentucky offered a special rate specifically for healthcare and medical staff nationwide. It earned 114 reactions and reached more than 1,000 users – that’s a significant market to gain attention for your hotel. Seeing a post like this leaves a positive impression on your followers, as well, positioning your hotel first in their mind when they’re in the area.

What your property is doing to protect guests.

With so much uncertainty in travelers’ minds about whether or not they’ll be safe to stay at your property, social media can be the perfect avenue to let your audience know that you’re looking out for their safety.

A Facebook post by Cocusa Motel Burlington

A post like the above from Cocusa Motel Burlington can be passed around to family, friends, and coworkers who need a temporary place to stay during COVID-19. It’s a positive, informative message, which can be calming in tumultuous times like these where misinformation is being spread. The motel has also included a link directly to their website so guests can research further information about the layout of their property and closures of certain amenities. On social media, you can discuss changes made to your policies, cleanliness procedures, or updates regarding amenities and services you offer on-site. The more transparent you can be, the better the connection you will draw from your audience.

How the coronavirus is affecting the local area.

Guests are also looking for more information about how the virus is affecting their local area. Most news beats and headlines gravitate around major cities and city centers, focused on number of cases, number of deaths and action plans for each city. However, the virus may be affecting your area differently, and if you have news to share, it is welcome to the eyes of your audience. You can become a reliable source of information during the pandemic, increasing the trust your followers have with you. There is even a chance your post will start up a conversation with other locals in the area, creating a further sense of community for you to maintain during the crisis.

Your property’s response plan.

A recent episode of our Suite Spot podcast is about the important topic of crisis management for hotels. In it, TMG’s Marketing Director Anne Sandoval discusses the 15-minute window that businesses have to respond to a crisis. It may sound like a short amount of time, but it’s true – your guests and future travelers will be looking to your property to see what your response plan is. This includes what you’re doing for your employees, as many travelers try to be more discerning in placing their trust in businesses whose actions they agree with. The post below from Daytona Beach Shores Hotel discusses specific actions the property has taken so far (like stocking up on anti-viral cleaning solutions), and a promise to continue evaluating the situation moving forward.

A Facebook post from Daytona Beach Shores Hotel

Again, transparency is imperative when sharing your response plan regarding the coronavirus. Travelers want to know the truth, and will be quick to share when your post is relevant to them or their family.

What your property is doing to protect staff.

Related to your action plan might include how your property is taking measures to help your staff on-site. A post like this will garner incredible engagement from your audience, as it encourages comments of thanks and shares to boost everyone’s spirits during trying times. The post below from Hilton Denver Inverness shows the hotel’s efforts to provide for their employees with a grocery giveaway. The idea behind it was to take extra bread, eggs, and produce and share them with team members who need to provide for their families. This helped reduce food waste at the property and gave a valuable resource to their employees.

A Facebook post from Hilton Denver Inverness

At your property, you may want to post about additional learning opportunities or certifications your employees are working on receiving related to COVID-19, such as a certificate in sanitization. Features like these posts help boost morale and show your guests how you’re working to further protect your staff.

How your property is helping the local community.

Positive posts about your efforts to help staff during these times can extend out to your local community. If your property is supporting a local small business, providing help to hospitals and healthcare workers in the area, or fundraising for further support, take the time to make a post about it on your social media. People need to feel connected during times of crisis, and showing what you’re doing to help your local community can help guests make a human connection with your hotel. Similar to posts about helping to protect your staff, users will share and comment on these posts when the news is relevant to them or their family. Additionally, future guests will remember your property fondly for the help you provided.

Positive stories about the local area.

Showcasing a positive story about the local area is good for a property that had to temporarily close. Maintaining an active social media presence is still imperative, as you want to build a sustainable reputation for when your doors open again. The perfect way to do that is to research your local area for good news – which can relate to any of the previous topics. The post below from Resort Near Disney highlights virtual tours given by Disney, something locals might find comforting if they find they’re missing visiting the parks. 

A Facebook post from Resort Near Disney

These types of posts will be especially engaging to your local audience, because they’ll find the stories relevant to their interests and want to share them to share fun experiences with their friends and colleagues. Virtual tours given by local attractions is an excellent starting place, though posts in this category can also include community support projects or actions other businesses have taken to help slow the spread.

Social media is all about making continuous, memorable connections with your audience. Developing and implementing a social media content calendar for your business is no small task. Each sample post in this blog was created by one of our social media experts, and we are here to help you succeed and retain more business during these times. For more information about how our team can help you make the most of every post to your social media, visit our page and sign up.


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