Are Guests Actually Interested in Your Online Content?

by | September 15, 2022

Hoteliers often wonder if setting up a social media account for their property or designing its website is worth their time. It becomes easy to feel discouraged and unmotivated if guests are not viewing the fruits of your labor. You may think that investing in these online platforms is insignificant or trivial. However, you will see why growing and managing these digital profiles is essential.



Everyone appreciates receiving nice things like gifts, recognition, or a compliment. With your online content, there are also lovely things that you can produce from it, such as:

  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • More Hotel Bookings
  • Guest Feedback
  • Guest Satisfaction and Loyalty

There are many advantages to creating and publishing high-quality online content for travelers. In doing so, you will refine your social media and website content, developing a strong foundation for guests to interact with.


Capture Attention:

As you delve into different digital channels, remember that the primary goal is to capture and maintain guest interest. When potential guests visit your hotel’s social media profile or website, you want them to be genuinely engaged with your content. This could come from reading your hotel’s about us section, viewing uploaded pictures, or commenting on different online posts and forums. Regardless, guest attention is extremely valuable; once you have it, you must capitalize on it because it may never return.


Keep Interest:

It is one thing for a guest to view your property’s online content and another for them to be interested in it. When guests are interested in what you have shared online, you want to ensure they remain that way by providing them with substance. As you create digital content, implement ways for the guest to interact with it. As a result, the guest will spend more time on your website pages and social media posts but also feel more inclined to leave a comment or fill out a survey, for example. Ultimately, guests will learn what your brand offers and why your hotel is unique. 


Monitor Performance:

As time goes on and your online content gains more traffic, you need to monitor the performance. Compare impressions, engagement, click-through rates, or comments from month to month and determine if your effort makes a difference. When your hard work starts to show desirable results, it will motivate you to continue and expand your online presence. Not only will increased viewership of your online content boost brand awareness, but it will also boost bookings and increase foot traffic to your property.


Make Adjustments:

Whether your online content outcome is positive or negative, you must frequently modify and innovate new content for guests. Adjusting your online approach is important because it prevents your content from becoming stale, predictable, and unappealing. People want to discover what is new and fresh and explore up-to-date content that resonates with them. By delivering this type of current and relevant content, guests will make sure to stop by and periodically check your online profiles to find out what is happening. And as mentioned before, this will further grow your active online following.


Create with Content Creators:

Need a little guidance on what social media platforms your hotel should make us of or how to best optimize your website? Worry not. Travel Media Group provides state-of-the-art solutions to help you in those exact areas. From social media to company websites, we provide comprehensive plans that help hoteliers establish their online profiles and enhance their online content. Don’t have enough time to manage your online accounts? Travel Media Group can do it for you. Leave all the work to our expert social media and website creation teams so you can focus on operating your hotel while we take care of your digital needs. Reach out to us today and chat with our team to learn more and see why it is the right fit for you.


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