Choosing a Marketing Partner that Cares About Your Hotel

by | February 25, 2019 | Online Marketing

Are you looking for a marketing partner to help improve guest experiences and increase your number of bookings?

In this post, we'll identify key points that hoteliers should consider when selecting a marketing vendor.

  Hospitality Experience

To start, choose a partner that has solutions tailored to the hospitality industry. There are definitely many marketing companies to partner with. However, you want to select one that knows exactly how to best target travelers coming to your area. Be sure to select a partner that helps minimize OTA costs and elevates your ADR over time.

  Strategic Consultants

Next, make sure that you choose a marketing partner who strategizes with you to increase your hotel's visibility and bookings. Talking about specific ways to get your hotel's name out there can help you understand what you need. You want to be sure that your partner is flexible and can customize its strategies to best fit your hotel's needs.


  Technology Innovators

Now, this point is extremely necessary. In order to best market your hotel, you must select a marketing partner that keeps up with technological advances. At times, social media sites will update their services, OTA review sites will make changes to their sites, and so on. Keeping track of all of these changes while maintaining a hotel can be a challenge. With that said, make sure your marketing partner is technologically proficient. The best hospitality marketing partners provide tech tools that are built in-house, specifically for hoteliers.

  Customer Support

Ultimately, you want to ensure that your marketing partner is reliable and at your service. Choose a partner who can make changes in a timely manner. Make sure you have a team behind your marketing strategies. Relying on a single freelancer, friend or a family member can make it difficult as they can be busy with other tasks. Partnering with the right company can improve your marketing strategies and make your experience as a hotelier much more rewarding.

TMG OneView™

Trying to find a marketing partner who hits all those marks and manages your entire marketing strategy can be quite difficult. At Travel Media Group, we exceed your expectations when it comes to a marketing partner that works for you. Learn about the TMG Experience, and try our all-in-one solution that can market your hotel all across the board: TMG OneView™


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