Creating Holiday Packages & Discounts for Your Hotel

by | October 15, 2019

Guide to Creating Hotel Packages

When prospective guests are planning their trip, they’re comparing rates and offers on OTAs, social media, and hotel websites. You need to be able to not only capture their attention but also get them to commit to booking. Whether you’re looking to capitalize on the busy holiday seasons or you need to book rooms in the slower months, packages are the best way for your hotel to compete at the booking stage.

Here are the steps you can follow to build the best packages for your hotel, plus best practices and some ideas to get you started for the next holiday season.

1. Consider Your Audience

Family Arriving In Hotel Room On Vacation

When building your package, think about not only which amenities guests request most, but also what they value. For boutique or luxury hotels, guests are looking for an experience and may not be as concerned with a discount. Consider working with local attractions agencies to build bundles with activities in mind. Meanwhile, discount brands may have a better chance of attracting families by offering free breakfast with a certain number of nights or upgrading their room size for their stay. What would make your guests’ stay more comfortable or simpler?

2. Create a Timeline

For your package, decide how much time you need to dedicate to getting the message out about your hotel. If you’re boosting last-minute bookings in a slow season, this may just be a few weeks out to send an email, post on social media, and add the discount code to your website. However, for a high-occupancy holiday like Valentine’s Day, you may want to start adding packages to your website six months out and consider running paid ad campaigns on Google. 

3. Set Goals and Track Results

Reviewing the Results

The only way to know if packages truly work for your hotel is to monitor the metrics behind them. Check the numbers for the same season last year, and project how much you would make if you had the same occupancy rate this year. Don’t forget that your results aren’t just limited to making bookings; if you attract new guests, then they could become return visitors or help spread the word about your hotel in reviews and on social media. 

Additionally, keep track of what your guests want. You may sell out of a package quicker than you imagined, so then you’ll know that it can get even better next year. Or, you could spend time and energy working with local venues to build out a package that had a smaller impact than anticipated. While frustrating, this is a helpful data point for you to make better packages next time.

Best practices for building hotel packages:

  • Keep an eye on ROI
    Bundle items that are of low or no cost to you but high value to guests, such as free parking in a city or a room with a better view
  • Use urgency to convert
    Give offers a clear expiration date and send “last chance” reminders to guarantee filled rooms when you need it most
  • Include clear terms to protect yourself
    Include cancellation clauses to keep budget-minded travelers from ditching their reservation for the next best deal
  • Make it simple
    Don’t overwhelm guests with too many options or risk having them abandon booking because of “analysis paralysis”

Hotel Package Ideas for the Holidays

Package Ideas for Budget Hotels 

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  • Book Wednesday-Friday and get Saturday night for X% off
  • Upgrade to a suite for just $X/night
  • Free breakfast for kids with an x night stay
  • Reserved seating at the local Thanksgiving parade or New Year’s Eve fireworks show

Package Ideas for Mid-Scale Hotels

Driver of a airport shuttle minivan, greeting his passengers with their luggage

  • Free airport taxi or shuttle service with your reservation
  • 1,000 bonus rewards points for your stay
  • Premium Wi-Fi for no additional fee
  • Early-bird promotion offering your best rooms at their best rate

Package Ideas for Luxury, Boutique and B&B Hotels

chef decorating garnishing prepared meal dish on the plate in restaurant

  • Bundle hotel with 5-star Thanksgiving dinner in your city
  • Curated walking tour itinerary of historical sites including a distillery or winery tasting tour
  • Premium seats for holiday events, such as the Nutcracker Ballet, a Christmas tree lighting ceremony, or New Year’s Eve fireworks

Are you ready to start planning your next hotel package? Check out 5 Ideas to Welcome Holiday Travelers and our Valentine’s Day Promotion Ideas for Hotels.


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