Google Ratings & Reviews are Paramount to Hotel Success

by | December 11, 2018

Google is an incredible driving force for the hospitality industry.

From the traveler’s perspective, there’s a high chance that their first move is to make a Google search on hotels in your area. Upon the page loading, their eyes will veer straight to those star ratings, and they’re likely to choose the top-rated hotel in their price range.

We’ve identified the key importance of Google Ratings’ effect on travelers. We’ll walk through the top reasons that illustrate why Google Ratings & Reviews are essential for increasing your property’s brand awareness, credibility, and overall booking rate.

1. Understand your Star Rating

For some hoteliers, keeping track of a long list of reviews and ratings can be overwhelming due to an influx of client ratings. Others might find that a lack of traveler interaction on the web is an issue. Either way, it’s critical to have a process at the hotel to review ratings professionally. Ratings play a significant role in communicating what the travelers have experienced and what hotels can improve on. If managed correctly, your hotel can show an increase in ROI over time.

2.Boost your Brand Awareness

The hospitality market is very competitive, and making sure you show up on the top of search results is pivotal. An increase in positive Google reviews helps boost your hotel’s brand awareness by pushing you to the top of the search for hotels in your area. 89% of travelers say reviews are influential when booking a hotel. Whether you’re an independent hotel or part of a big brand, increasing brand awareness should always be at the forefront of your company goals.

3. Enhance your Credibility

Additionally, you want to make sure your online presence establishes credibility in you and your hotel. It is just as important as maintaining your hotel’s actual presence. For most travelers, what pops up on a Google search is the first thing they look at. A negative first impression could prevent a traveler from booking your hotel. The care you take in managing your reputation and the accuracy of information on your Google Business Listing is a reflection of the care you take of your guests and your property. Through accurate location information and positive ratings, you project an image of credibility online.  

4. Increase your Booking Capability

More bookings! It’s what every hotelier strives for, and it’s what is possible through improving Google Ratings & Reviews. It’s imperative that guests feel that their compliments and criticisms are acknowledged. Doing so could help turn a former client into a returning one. Having a great hotelier-to-client relationship online is key. It shows prospective guests that their needs will be met and heard if necessary. After all, 65% of travelers are more likely to book a hotel that responds to reviews.

Often, it’s easy for hoteliers to push the monitoring of ratings and reviews off to the side while managing other tasks. Prioritizing amenities, paperwork and many other tasks are certainly important, but your online presence also plays an incredible role in your growth as a hotel. We understand that maintaining a hotel can be quite complex at times, so it’s always encouraged to have another set of eyes take on this role.

Learn more about our Reputation Management solution and our Respond & Resolve solution to begin increasing your hotel’s brand awareness, credibility, and booking capability.


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