How Hotels Can Target Corporate Retreats and Capitalize on Bleisure Travel

by | April 15, 2022

After working from home for two years, many companies are finding ways to get their employees together outside of the office. With pandemic worries subsiding, and more people feeling comfortable with travel, corporate summits and retreats have become a new outlet for business travelers eager for a renewed sense of community with their colleagues.

This rising segment of travelers provides an opportunity for hotels to secure more bookings. Along with corporate travelers, we are seeing an increase in workcations, the extension of work-related trips. This development benefits hotels because they can now capitalize on these longer getaways.

How Business Becomes Leisure

man transitioning from business to beach vacation

Bleisure travel has been in hoteliers’ vocabulary for the past few years. This blending of work and pleasure has become increasingly common with many jobs going completely remote or having hybrid schedules. Many professionals are extending their business trips or corporate summits to allow for more time to enjoy the destination.

Many workers that must travel for their job will bring their families along so that they can make the most of the trip. After the meetings or conferences end, the fun begins. Whether it’s spending nights exploring local attractions or extending trips a few extra days to really get to know the area, people are spending longer at destinations, which is good news for hotels.

How to Attract Bleisure Travelers

passport, map, and compass

Hotels that want to capture bleisure travelers need to recognize the two facets that make up this segment: business and leisure. They need to ensure that they are marketing to both sides of this traveler. Promoting the hotel’s proximity to convention centers or other popular destinations for business travelers is just as important as promoting local attractions and activities.

Understanding that bleisure travel and workcations involve multi-faceted travelers that aren’t looking for just one type of travel experience is the first step to attracting these travelers. But there’s more work that needs to be done.

Targeting Bleisure Travelers on Social Media

travelers in airport texting on phones on social media

The number of travelers who use social media to find inspiration and plan trips has increased over the years, and according to CrowdRiff, this applies to 30% of Americans. Reaching bleisure travelers on social media is key to securing their bookings.

To ensure that you’ll be seen on social media, your hotel needs a social media strategy. Consistent posting shows you’re active and travelers want to know they’re getting the latest information. In addition, posting high-quality images and videos and relevant content will make your hotel’s social media stand out from the competition and give travelers a reason to stay at your property.

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