How the Cost of Digital Marketing Services Beats the Cost of Employees

by | April 29, 2022

It’s been a rocky road for the hotel industry over the past couple of years. From COVID-19 impacting travel to the ongoing staffing shortage, many hoteliers have struggled to fill rooms and employment positions.

Now with the rise in travel as the pandemic subsides, hotels must face this influx of travelers with less help than ever before. Many hospitality employees are wearing multiple hats, prioritizing some tasks over others, are becoming burnt out and looking for better wages and benefits.

What’s a Hotelier To Do?

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The best way to save yourself money and your staff time is by enlisting the help of a digital marketing service. A digital marketing service like Travel Media Group takes care of your hotel’s online presence so you and your staff can focus on guests and the property.

Handling your hotel’s social media, managing its reputation, and responding to guest reviews can be time-consuming and overwhelming when you have a hotel (or multiple) to manage and oversee with limited staff.

How Digital Marketing Services Compare to Employees

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Many hoteliers are under the impression that digital marketing services are more expensive than having an employee. That could sometimes be the case, but with many employees seeking $15+ per hour and benefits such as health insurance, the cost can quickly add up. 

Plus there’s the consideration that digital marketing services are more consistent than an employee. Companies like Travel Media Group don’t take sick days or vacation days. We also don’t quit, leaving you high and dry to look for another employee to fill that position, which can be an added cost on its own.

Benefits of Working With Digital Marketing Services

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Not only do digital marketing services such as TMG save hotels money, they also bring other benefits to the table. Hotels receive the experience of whole teams of experts dedicated to improving their hotel’s digital presence. 

Additionally, utilizing a digital marketing service can help take pressure off your existing staff. Allowing staff to focus on guests and the property without having to worry about posting on social media or responding to reviews helps create a more enjoyable work environment. If your employees are less stressed, they are more likely to stay at your property long term, saving you the trouble of constantly filling the same positions.

Start Your Journey

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If you feel overwhelmed from juggling your day-to-day responsibilities at your hotel and attempting to manage your hotel’s digital presence, if you’re tired of having high employee turnover, or feel like you need more help but can’t find more staff, a digital marketing service is the answer for you.

Travel Media Group is an expert in digital marketing in the hospitality industry with over 30 years of experience. Our services range from social media to review response to reputation management and more. We help hotels manage and optimize their online presence so that they can connect with travelers at every stage throughout their booking journey. Contact us today to learn how you can save time and money with Travel Media Group.