How to Personalize Your Hotel’s Story

by | May 3, 2022

There are two sides to every hotel’s story: there’s the story that the hotel portrays through its digital presence and there’s the story that guests tell when they talk about their stay online. Both stories are there for travelers to see and if they don’t match up, it can raise some eyebrows.

Take back control of your hotel’s story by giving your hotel a personality that stands out.  Independent hotels have more freedom to personalize, but even if you’re part of a hotel brand, there are ways to personalize your hotel’s story within brand standards.

Taking Control

The first step to taking back control of your hotel’s story is to ask yourself a few questions. What is your hotel’s identity? What value does it provide guests? How is my hotel different from the competition? You want to really think about the answers to these questions because they will help you set up the core of your hotel’s story.

You can’t tell a story from nothing, so defining your hotel’s values and differentiating it from other hotels will help you create an outline upon which to build the rest of your story. Travelers are always looking for something different to experience, so set yourself up for success by capitalizing on the uniqueness of your hotel.

Creating a Connection

It doesn’t matter how hard you work to write a story if no one buys the book. You are selling your guests an experience at your hotel. Connect with travelers through the stories you tell online. You know who your ideal guest is, so cater your storytelling to them. If you want to attract families, you need to promote what they’re looking for. The same goes for all other kinds of travelers.

When you’re selling an experience, it’s important to get travelers to picture themselves staying at your property. By telling your hotel’s story in a way that matches up with what your guests are looking for, you can begin to form a connection between them and your property.

Listening to Guests

It’s important to remember that guests are also responsible for writing some of your hotel’s story. When they comment about their stay on social media or leave reviews online, they are contributing to your hotel’s story for future guests to read. While their version of the story may not match up with the way you view your hotel or want it to be viewed, you should still listen to what your guests have to say.

Feedback from guests, whether it’s positive or negative, can help you make better decisions for your hotel. You want to constantly improve so that guests can have the best experience possible during their stay. Listening to their side of the story can help you take your hotel in new directions that better cater to your guests’ wants and needs, which will create more loyal guests and attract more travelers to your hotel.

Remaining Consistent

It can be a challenge to maintain focus on your hotel’s story as you begin and continue the process of personalization. Your hotel’s story extends to all corners of the internet from social media to review sites to your own website. Managing your hotel’s story on all those platforms while continuing to give your guests the experience they expect is not an easy feat. 

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