How to Prepare for the Return of International Travel

by | October 1, 2021

Recently, the United States government announced plans to relax some travel restrictions on international visitors. Beginning in November, visitors from countries that have been prevented from entering since 2020 will be allowed to enter the country with proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

This means that in the coming months, there will be an influx of travel-hungry international travelers looking to either visit family or vacation in America. As a hotel, you want to make sure these tourists know about your property and book a stay with you while they’re in the country.

Little Things Make a Big Difference

Like the saying goes, there’s no detail too small. As a hotelier, you should strive to always make every guest’s experience a positive and comfortable one, especially guests who are traveling thousands of miles to stay with you and may not be familiar with this country.

One way to help make international guests more comfortable is to anticipate their needs. Travelers from Europe, for example, may have forgotten that America has different outlets than they’re used to. By providing a complimentary outlet adapter to these guests, you show that you understand their needs and look to improve even the smallest details of your guests’ stay.

Now, let’s look at how you can use both social media and online review response to help reach international travelers.

Speak Their Language

When hosting international travelers at your hotel, there’s a chance that there will be some sort of language barrier to deal with. Added with the stress of traveling in an unfamiliar country, this little detail could have a major impact on their experience. That’s why the importance of being able to communicate with guests in multiple languages shouldn’t be overlooked, especially when it comes to online review responses.

When someone posts an online review in another language, it’s important to respond in the same language. This allows the information you provide to be understood not only by the reviewer, but by potential guests reading your reviews that also speak that language. This fosters a more comfortable atmosphere and makes international guests feel more confident booking with you.

Travel Media Group’s Respond & Resolve™ writers have experience writing in multiple languages and can put your property at an advantage when it comes to reaching international travelers. Whether they’re in English or another language, it’s always important to provide feedback to reviews in a professional and timely manner. Reach out to us to see how we can help you communicate more effectively with international guests.

Posting Without Borders

The world-wide-web is a hub of information and connectivity. Don’t miss out on appearing in searches across the globe because of poor social media management. Extend your reach to international visitors with posts and contests.

With a “Welcome Back” social media initiative, you can showcase international guests who are staying, or have stayed, at your hotel (with permission, of course). This is a great way to show not only potential international guests but also domestic ones as well that your property is a welcoming and comfortable place to stay. In addition, consider holding a contest where your guests post how far they traveled to get to you and provide a prize to the guest that traveled the farthest.

Travel Media Group’s social media posting service can help you manage and optimize your social media accounts so that you can increase your reach and engage more travelers with customizable and actionable content that drives occupancy. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how you can reach guests across the world through social media.


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