Networking Your Hotel Locally Through LinkedIn

by | November 25, 2020

LinkedIn has amassed over 630 million users over the years, becoming more than just a place for users to put their resume and conduct a job hunt. It has become a full-fledged networking website that accounts for a major percentage of B2B leads. However, B2C companies such as hotels can tap into the growing market of users, as well.

Like any social profile, to maximize your potential for reach and engagement, you’ll need to understand your audience. Content that performs well on LinkedIn will be different from the content that performs well on Twitter or Instagram. Hootsuite’s research shows that 45% of LinkedIn users fall under upper management decision-makers of their business. These individuals may be managing a team or organizing higher needs at their business while they network within their community. Catering your marketing strategy to tailor to their needs will make grabbing these travelers’ attention much easier.

As a hotelier, LinkedIn may be an old friend to you – something you’ve used to build connections through your hospitality career. Or, it could be a new frontier that you haven’t tapped into yet. Regardless of your experience, the advice remains consistent for developing what content you’ll be posting.

Leverage Your Personal Page

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Your personal profile holds significant power on LinkedIn – your face and voice can pair up with your hotel’s history to craft a story. The story you build can be infused into every post you make. On LinkedIn, people are defined by what they bring to the industry, and each person’s story is unique. Sharing your success story in the business will resonate with your connections and start a conversation. After you’ve built an audience through engagement, your personal page can be used to share out any information about your hotel with your connections, including events or even special deals you may be offering.

LinkedIn also allows you to create “showcase” posts, which can be compared to landing pages on a website. You can use these to highlight specific amenities or aspects of your hotel, or even take the time to highlight an employee for their dedication.

Get Your Employees Involved

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You can add your employees to your LinkedIn business page, allowing them to promote posts to their own networks. They can also contribute ideas to fill your content calendar for the year with fresh content. The more diverse your sources of content are, the more engaging your content will be. Diversity performs better than posting content with the same theme all year round.

Having your employees engaged with your hotel’s story and social media will also present opportunities to feature them for their hard work. They can share their success at work on their profile page, which brings more attention to your hotel from their circles. Their connections might be local to your hotel, and their established level of trust with your employee will carry over to trusting in your hotel. You’ll be top of mind when they’re passing through town and a place to stay.

Drive Local, Inbound Business

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With your employees’ and your personal pages working in tandem, you’ll be able to utilize the full breadth of your connection circle. Local connections are invaluable to your hotel’s success in capturing leisure business travelers, whose full-scale business trips aren’t back in swing just yet. Having a nearby place to stay when they’re passing through the area will encourage them to stay with you. Additionally, inviting these potential guests to book for a staycation or work-from-hotel stay will help keep your hotel top of mind for when they need a safe, comfortable place to focus on their work or get a change of pace.

It can be a challenge figuring out how to best work LinkedIn’s platform to drive local business to your hotel. Starting in December, Travel Media Group is proud to say we can work with you to build up your LinkedIn page! We’ll help you make posts that will encourage your connections to engage, participate, and drive business to your hotel. Read more about our social media service and reach out to us to learn more about how we can help you with your content schedule.


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