New eBook: How to Create Actionable Social Media Content to Attract Guests

by | August 16, 2019

How to Create Actionable Social Media Content

Social media is an excellent tool for marketing hotels because it enables hoteliers to reach more travelers, make meaningful connections with guests, and tell their hotel’s story online. The value social media adds to a hotel’s relationships and public perception is vast, yet difficult to measure. That’s why the actions social media users take when they interact with businesses online are so important. When travelers engage with the content you share online, it’s an indicator of success for your property. In our new free downloadable eBook, we’ll explore how hoteliers can create social media content that inspires action. 

Understanding the Basics of Social Media Engagement

What is Content?

When it comes to social media, content can be anything you post or share with your followers. There are many types of content, and different social networks support various content types. The simplest posts are just text that is shared, but your posts can also include photos, videos, photo albums, hyperlinks, polls, recommendations and more. 

Some networks like Facebook and Instagram offer two places to share content: in posts on your Profile (which are shared in your followers’ Feed) and as updates in your Story. Generally speaking, Profile posts are long-lasting, while Story posts are temporary and only display for 24 hours. Depending on your audience and the time you have to invest in social media, different post types may make sense for your hotel. This means that content will vary from hotel to hotel, based on their individual strategy. 

What is a Call to Action?

The Google Dictionary defines call to action as “a piece of content intended to induce a viewer, reader, or listener to perform a specific act, typically taking the form of an instruction or directive.” To create any content that is effective at inspiring users to take the desired action, it’s essential to include a clear and direct call to action. Here are some examples of common calls to action in social media posts:

  • Tag a friend who…
  • Share this post if…
  • Like this post to…
  • Click below for…
  • Comment with…

When deciding what content to create – and what type of call to action to include – the question you have to answer first is: What action do you want travelers to take? Based on the needs of your business, your goals could be to gain new followers, increase booking conversions, or earn more positive reviews. For an on-going social media strategy, we recommend a mix of posts designed to: drive engagement, extend your reach, and drive bookings.

eBook Download:How to Create Actionable Social Media Content to Attract Guests

Download your copy of our latest eBook where we share examples of how to create actionable content along the booking journey. Whether you’re new to social media marketing or already have a plan in place, this resource will provide insight on how to drive engagement that ultimately leads to more bookings. Click here to download the eBook today! 

How to Create Actionable Social Media Content to Attract Guests | A Hotel Marketing eBook


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