Social Media Posts to Delight Thanksgiving Travelers

by | November 15, 2019

Thanksgiving kicks off the busiest travel season for Americans. With all of the retail brands vying for the attention of shoppers, it can be incredibly hard to break through the noise and reach travelers online. That’s why hoteliers should start planning their Thanksgiving social media posts and consider putting ad dollars behind those posts.

So how can you stand out? Try out some of these posts leading up to and during the Thanksgiving holiday.

1. Make your text posts visual

Happy Thanksgiving

If you often share your 5-star reviews on social media or post about upcoming specials, consider making the text into a graphic instead of a plaintext post. Social media posts with images get a 35% boost in retweets and are 37% more likely to get Facebook engagement. Interesting images can help a social media user to stop scrolling and take a look at your post. Don’t forget to include a direct link to your booking website in the post.

2. Fill rooms for Thanksgiving

Couple Traveling in the Autumn

If you still need to fill your hotel for the holiday, consider offering a social media special to book your hotel. Because Thanksgiving falls on a Thursday, a “book three nights, get one for $X/X% off/free” special is extremely attractive for weekend travelers. Sweeten the deal by sharing which local restaurants are open for Thanksgiving and information about local weekend events.

3. Capitalize on Black Friday for slow times

Young Man in Warm Clothes Looking at his Phone While ShoppingOn Black Friday and the weekend after Thanksgiving, people are shopping, planning trips, and looking for deals. If you know that a certain time of year is always a low time for you, consider running a deal now to encourage bookings for that time. For the best chance of securing bookings, offer free cancellations, waive deposits, or include other value-adds like free parking or breakfast.

4. Ask: “What are you thankful for?”

People Cheers Celebrating Thanksgiving Holiday Concept

It may seem simple, but asking an open-ended question is a great way to encourage engagement on social media. You can start by showing gratitude yourself. Consider featuring your housekeepers, managers, and maintenance workers and expressing your thanks for their help in giving your guests a great experience. This will help others want to share their own experiences and appreciation. More comments and likes on a post mean that more people will see this and other posts you make.

5. Encourage social sharing

Father and Son Roasting Marshmallows

Ask guests to share photos from their stay using a hashtag that you can track. You could set up a selfie station or hand out coloring sheets for kids to complete and pose with. Retweet and share photos that are posted to connect with guests online and encourage them to follow your profiles. This will help their connections to see your profile and like your page.

Need help coming up with engaging social media posts for your hotel? With Social Media by Travel Media Group, you’ll always have social media content on your hotel’s profiles. Take control of your social media presence today.


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