The Best Social Media Sites for Your Hotel

by | January 7, 2022

Being active on social media is vital to your hotel’s online presence and should be a part of your marketing strategy. If you’re new to social media, trying to decide which platforms to spend your time on can be overwhelming. Different platforms can benefit your hotel in unique ways. For instance, Instagram is great for targeting travelers with eye-catching images, while LinkedIn can help target professionals and business travelers.

As a hotelier, your life is busy. There’s no time to be wasted on social media platforms that don’t benefit your hotel. It’s essential that any time you spend on creating and posting content leads to your ultimate goal: securing bookings. That’s why we’re covering the best places to post so you can save time and focus on your hotel.


Facebook reports that there are 1.93 billion active daily users of their platform. But what are those users doing? Almost one-fifth of U.S. leisure travelers turn to Facebook when seeking travel-planning inspiration. Being visible on this platform will make a massive difference in your online ranking and can even help boost your hotel’s SEO.


Twitter allows you to update your followers and guests on the latest happenings at your hotel. Whether you want to promote a new special, have a unique feature you want to talk about, or wish to warn travelers of nearby road conditions, Twitter is great for sending out information in quick bites. Twitter users may also treat the site as a customer service platform, mentioning your account or privately messaging you about their experiences, so be sure to stay on top of the conversation and reply to mentions and messages.


Instagram is the place to go for photo-based content. The platform was built around sharing your story through images. This is a great place to post pictures of your rooms, amenities like your pool, and even spaces like your lobby and breakfast area. High-quality photos give your account a more professional look and help you gain followers and convert them into guests. 


LinkedIn is the place to be for B2B marketing. As a hotel, LinkedIn can help you reach everyone from business travelers to wedding planners to vendors. Connecting on this platform can help you build a professional network that benefits your property. This site is great for posting about your offerings for business travelers or your event spaces for hosting anything from conferences to weddings.

Social Media Best Practices

  • Set up a Google Alert on variations of your hotel (Hotel Name in City or City Hotel Name, for instance) so that if someone mentions you in a blog, on social media, or in a review, you’ll know right away.
  • Invest in ads on social media. It can be surprising how well you can reach potential travelers with a hyper-targeted ad. 
  • Update regularly with valuable content. Follow big brands in your industry to see what content they use to get people talking.

Social media is a more important tool than ever for hotels. Not using social media to its full potential means your hotel is missing out on reaching a larger audience and converting them into guests. Travel Media Group offers social media for hotels to help you post consistently, reach more travelers, and earn more direct bookings. Learn more about how our innovative social solutions can help your hotel today!