The Complex Life of a General Manager

by | April 9, 2018

Many of our hoteliers have been in the business for a long time, and they’ll all agree: the day-to-day operations are wildly different than just ten years ago. While a GM, in essence, is still doing the same job as before – juggling tasks to meet goals at the hotel – how they do it has inherently changed.

In a recent opinion article for Hospitality Net, hospitality consultant Paul Sarlas shared the ways that GMs affect their companies, including managing company resources, developing the working environment, thinking strategically, directing people and processes, and overseeing day-to-day operations. GMs act as personnel managers, financial analysts, and professional trouble-shooters.

A successful GM makes it so the guest has no idea how many moving parts are happening behind the scenes. There are only so many hours in a day, and GMs spend every minute of them helping guests and staff while keeping the hotel running smoothly. As our director of product & technology, Jason Lee, says, “anything that’s distracting hoteliers from accomplishing these things is having a negative impact on their hotel’s success.”

When hotels add new tasks like monitoring reviews, social media, and website analytics, GMs lose even more of their precious time. One of the biggest complaints we hear from GMs is a frustration with needing to be tied to their computers while there is so much to do on the property. Sitting down to respond to reviews is one of the hardest things for them to find the time to do.

That’s why we created OneView. It helps GMs to focus on their properties and more efficiently handle their online tasks. It’s an online platform that syncs all of a hotel’s live reviews from TripAdvisor and OTAs, plus posts, mentions, and reviews from Facebook and Twitter.

  • Save time. No need to log into individual review websites or worrying about setting up your staff with credentials for each website. OneView has one log-in for all of your properties, and you can add other employees in just one step.
  • Work on-the-go. The OneView platform works on any device. Answer reviews, posts, and Tweets on your phone while you walk the property.
  • Delegate tasks. It’s easy to assign reviews to your employees to respond to. You’ll receive alerts for new reviews, so you’ll never miss a thing.
  • Prioritize. Dismiss content that doesn’t require a response or set items to appear later.

Put your focus back on the property. Learn more about what OneView can do for you.


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