The Modern Traveler’s Journey to Booking

by | May 28, 2019 | Webinars

With more booking options than ever, the modern day traveler’s booking journey has transformed immensely over the last decade. Consumers are more savvy and calculated when searching for lodging options online and know how to leverage the data across all platforms to make the best booking decision possible.

76% of U.S. travelers say that understanding all the lodging options is important when booking a trip

Always ensure that you have positioned your property in the best places online to capture every traveler possible. In this post, we discuss modern booking trends and demonstrate how you can capture additional revenue and occupancy.

Today's Hotel Booking Experience

One thing to keep in mind is that the modern-day traveler is more informed than ever before. With OTA sites rising in popularity, travelers can view what it's like to stay at your hotel through other traveler reviews. This causes more competition for OTAs and other online booking sites.

travel network

Review Sites

○ TripAdvisor

Online Hotel Search

○ Google, Bing

Social Media

○ Facebook, Instagram

Booking Sites



How the Traveler's Journey Impacts your Hotel

Today's travelers are factoring in reviews from all review sites before making a booking decision. This means that hoteliers need to emphasize good reviews across all review sites.

Also, mobile searches now play a big role in today's hotel bookings. With that said, your hotel's website and booking page must be mobile friendly. Keep in mind that travelers are also searching for hotels on their tablets and through voice search.

Top Hotel Booking Factors

There are certain factors that help travelers narrow down their booking decision. Make sure you are hitting these top four points to ensure a higher booking capability.

Social Media + Reviews
Without a doubt, social media and reviews play the biggest role in today's booking decisions. Travelers want to see real-life pictures and honest reviews from other travelers who have stayed at your hotel.

One of the most influential factors that comes into play during the traveler's journey is hotel pricing. Going into the booking process, travelers typically have a range in mind in which they'd like to stick to.

Showcasing what your hotel has to offer plays a great role in the booking decision. Make sure you and your travelers are promoting amenities that will attract other travelers.

Ultimately, your hotel's location can determine whether a traveler books with you or a competitor. If you're in a great spot, make it known to your travelers. If not, try and find local attractions and dining options to spotlight them on your website and social pages.

Brand Loyalty
Another factor in the booking decision is brand loyalty rewards. See if your hotel brand offers incentives to travelers and get them engaged with your hotel's program to increase your number of returning guests.

Take a look into your competitor's online presence so you can make changes and optimize your booking experience. Your revenue strategy should heavily focus around improving your hotel's social media and review reputation.

Improve your Social Media and Review Responses, today!

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