The Scary Consequences of Ghosting Your Online Guest Reviews

by | October 28, 2022

Halloween is not the only frightful thing happening this month. The repercussions of abandoning your online guest reviews are even more haunting. The hospitality industry is thriving and healthy, which means hoteliers can expect an ample supply of online guest reviews. This is no trick, and if you neglect your online guest reviews, there are scary consequences to be had.


A Guest Interest Nightmare:

The first consequence of not responding to online guest reviews is the loss of guest attention and interest. By not staying engaged and interacting with your audience, they will begin to feel insignificant and, ultimately, cease to be your guest. Your online following is essential to your hotel; without them, there is no business. When looking at ways to drive traffic to your property and capture the interest of your guests, ensure that you are monitoring and responding to each online guest review on all review websites. 


Put a Tombstone on Your Online Reputation:

Secondly, your hotel’s reputation will continue to diminish and lose credibility if you give its online reviews the cold shoulder. The adverse results of forsaking your online reputation are irreversible. Building and establishing a respectable reputation for a hotelier takes many years. However, it only takes a couple of unresponded reviews to completely ruin it. Reputation management is a crucial part of any hotel or hotel group. If needed, there is help available in the hospitality industry that can certainly manage it for you.


The Rise of Ghoulish Competitors:

Think you can forget about guest reviews? Think again. Turning your back on what travelers say about your property is a dire mistake. The outcome will be unfavorable for you, and you will decrease your share of the market. This will lead to a boost in market share for your competitors, which may push you out of the market entirely. Remember that to attract new guests to your property, you must first take care of existing ones first. 


Eek Your Bookings Goodbye:

Lastly, the end product of ghosting your online guest reviews is fewer bookings from travelers. Less bookings affect your hotel’s bottom line. Crossing that line is a point of no return. Nothing is worse than realizing that it is too late to revive your business and stare at the unfortunate reality of bankruptcy. Be proactive and start replying to your online reviews immediately to take advantage of the flourishing hospitality industry and increase your hotel’s revenue.


Spook Your Hotel Reviews From the Grave:

Responding to guest reviews is a unique challenge that provides a sweet treat if done correctly. The reward of increased bookings, a larger following, and growing guest loyalty are just a few. If you are unfamiliar or inexperienced with review response writing, let Travel Media Group dust off the cobwebs for you. Using our Respond & Resolve™ strategy, you can access our in-house team of expert review response writers 24/7. 

The Travel Media Group Respond & Resolve™ team handles all online guest reviews for your hotel or hotel groups. Regardless of the brand, our team grants you the luxury of focusing all your time and effort on running your hotels while we manage and improve your online presence. 

Forget the scary consequences of review responses by contacting us to speak with one of our representatives.

Or you can learn more about Respond & Resolve™ and its benefits by visiting our website. 


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