Travel Media Group Announces Custom Social Media Content Solution for Hotels

by | December 14, 2018

Hospitality leader adds unique weekly content to a comprehensive social media plan.

Travel Media Group announced today that they now offer custom social media content as part of their suite of industry-leading marketing solutions for hotels. The company has provided consistent social media posting plans for hoteliers since 2014, and the new Custom Social enhancements provide elevated content written specifically for each hotel.

The solution, which provides 1-5 custom social posts per week on Facebook and Twitter, promises unique social media posts by professional writers. The program also offers hoteliers full control over their content; all custom social posts can be reviewed in advance of posting and hoteliers can request specific topics ahead of time. When hoteliers prefer a hands-off approach, Travel Media Group will draft and publish posts about the property, local events, and nearby attractions to keep guests engaged.

“When hoteliers opt for Custom Social, it’s like having their own professional social media specialist on-site at the property,” said Jason Lee, senior director of online product and technology for Travel Media Group. “Our platform provides complete transparency into post content, schedule, and performance.”

Custom Social is an add-on to Travel Media Group’s social media engagement solution, which includes:

  • Fully claimed/created and optimized social network business profiles
  • Four or more posts per week on major networks like Facebook and Twitter
  • $25 – $100/month advertising spend on Facebook for audience and engagement growth
  • TMG OneView™ platform for review and social messaging interaction
  • Social media post creation and scheduling tool for hoteliers
  • New social posting calendar view for easy planning and oversight
  • 24/7 access to advanced analytics and reporting
  • Dedicated client support to ensure program success

Travel Media Group’s social media solutions offer a strategic mix of custom and trending posts. Each post is designed to increase engagement, build the hotel’s social audience, and encourage direct booking.

“Our Custom Social program makes professionally written, unique social media posts accessible for hoteliers,” said Dana Singer, VP and general manager of Travel Media Group. “The packages provide agency-level service at affordable price points.”

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