Travel Media Group Releases Major Update to TMG OneView™ Platform

by | October 15, 2018

Hospitality platform integrates guest feedback management with full-service marketing

Travel Media Group released today a significant update to the TMG OneView™ platform for hoteliers to respond and interact with guest content online. The platform has been used by hoteliers to streamline review and social media interactions since it was launched at the 2018 AAHOA Convention.

The solution, which combines social media and guest review management, now includes advanced reputation analytics, additional social media functionality, and a mobile-first user experience. TMG OneView™ replaces the myTMG dashboard for current customer access to the company’s marketing programs.

“TMG OneView™ has already helped hotel managers improve efficiency in managing their online marketing,” said Jason Lee, senior director of online product and technology for Travel Media Group. “Now every customer of Travel Media Group will enjoy the benefits of the TMG OneView™ feed in addition to their full-service solutions.”

The TMG OneView™ platform helps hoteliers save time and respond to all of their online content in one place. New features include:

  • Advanced reputation management tracking including competitor analytics
  • Social media post creation and scheduling tool
  • SMS notifications for new reviews, content, and alerts with customizable quiet time
  • Integration with Travel Media Group’s full-service solutions including Reputation Influence, Social Media, Respond & Resolve review response program and more

Users can still count on the native features of TMG OneView™ such as the ability to delegate review and post responses to hotel employees and monitor the online content of multiple properties in a single view.

“The enhancements to TMG OneView™ take hotel marketing to the next level, making it easier than ever for hoteliers to manage their online content or partner with the experts at Travel Media Group,” said Dana Singer, VP and general manager of Travel Media Group.

Hoteliers can experience all of the new TMG OneView™ features by requesting a 60-day free trial of the platform [offer expires 12/31/2019]. Learn more at



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