Using Linkedin to Secure Re-emerging Business Travel

by | February 28, 2022

As 2022 progresses, many hoteliers are wondering about the return of business travel. This demographic of travelers has been historically low over the past couple of years, resulting in hoteliers relying more on the business of leisure travelers. 

Hoteliers will be happy to hear that experts anticipate business travel picking up this year. With this in mind, hoteliers should be doing everything in their power to attract business travelers to their property.

Securing Business Travelers on Linkedin

Linkedin is a professional social networking site. It brings together businesses, companies, employees, professionals, and entrepreneurs and allows them to connect. Your hotel is a business, therefore having a Linkedin account for your property is a must.

Being active on Linkedin allows you to meet business travelers where they already are. Chances are high many of them have Linkedin accounts for professional purposes, and you are more likely to reach this demographic here than on Instagram, for example. 

You can get your content in front of business travelers and capture their attention by tailoring posts to fit their needs. Posting about your hotel’s wifi, secure access to the internet, the availability of an on-site business center, your hotel’s proximity to convention centers, and similar content will go over well with business travelers and make them more interested in your property.

In addition to posting photos and videos, you can go live to interact and connect with your target audience on another level. When you go live you can answer questions directly from travelers and give them more information that they may need. If you’re curious about going live, but are unsure how to do it, check out our Linkedin Live Checklist.

Unlocking Success on Social Media

To have any kind of success with social media, you need to be consistent. Your efforts will fall flat if you’re not actively creating and posting content, as well as engaging with travelers and guests. 

With Travel Media Group, you will receive consistent and compelling content that encourages bookings. We help you target your ideal audience, boost engagement, and improve your SEO. With a social media strategy through TMG, you can reach a wider audience and secure more bookings. Contact us today to learn more about our social media solutions!