What is Sentiment Analysis?

by | April 20, 2022

Sentiment analysis is a report that tells you how guests feel about your hotel. Many businesses use sentiment analysis to study social media posts about their brand. For hotels, the most insight comes from analyzing content in guest reviews. You can learn a lot about how guests feel about your hotel by reading reviews. 

You may be wondering how sentiment analysis works. Many times, computers are used to score and tag sentiment in reviews automatically and provide a report. Other times, human specialists can score sentiment analysis by hand, which is a more intensive process. Either way, it provides you with actionable data to make better decisions for your business.

Why Use Sentiment Analysis?

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As a hotel manager or owner, you should already know reviews are important. That’s because 81% of travelers reference TripAdvisor reviews when deciding where to stay. Travelers read your reviews and they make booking decisions based on them. Past customer experiences influence future guests. The insight gleaned from reviews can tell you:

  • how guests feel about your hotel
  • what features of your hotel guests like
  • what features of your hotel need improvement
  • how specific parts of your hotel impact your reputation


Check out this video for more information on what sentiment analysis is:

How Can Hotels Use Sentiment Analysis?

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Through sentiment analysis, hoteliers learn exactly how guests feel about their hotel. With this insight and knowledge, hoteliers can make better operational and capital decisions at their properties.

Sentiment analysis reports from Travel Media Group include guest feedback on areas like cleanliness, bathrooms, Wi-Fi, safety, and more. The report shows positive, negative, and neutral feedback on every feature of the property, giving hoteliers a full picture of how guests feel and actions they should take to improve the guest experience.

Travel Media Group’s advanced sentiment analysis goes into more detail about what guests think of every facet of your property. We provide you with the data you need to make improvements around your property that guests will actually appreciate and will secure you more bookings. Let us help you learn from the data in guest reviews so your hotel can get back to serving guests. Check out our Respond & Resolve™ solution today!