What is Sentiment Analysis?

by | June 28, 2017

What is Sentiment Analysis?

Sentiment Analysis (SA) is a report that allows you to learn how customers feel about your hotel. Computers can score SA or a specialist can score SA by hand. You can learn about these two approaches in our article, “How Accurate is Review Sentiment Analysis?”
Many businesses use SA to study social media posts about their brand. For hotels, the most insightful content to analyze is hotel reviews. You can learn a lot about how guests feel about your hotel by reading reviews.

Why Use Sentiment Analysis?

Learn what customers think of your hotel by receiving a Sentiment Analysis report.

As a hotel manager or owner, you already know reviews are important. That’s because 81% of travelers reference TripAdvisor reviews when deciding where to stay. Travelers read your reviews and they make booking decisions based on them. Past customer experiences influence future guests. So, the insight gleaned from reviews can tell you:

  • how guests feel about your hotel
  • what features of your hotel are good
  • what features of your hotel need improvement
  • how specific parts of your hotel impact your reputation

How Can Hotels Use Sentiment Analysis?

Through Sentiment Analysis, hoteliers learn exactly how guests feel about their hotel. The report is useful because it tells you about areas of your hotel to improve.
Travel Media Group provides an SA report about 31 specific property topics. These 31 items include cleanliness, bathrooms, Wi-Fi, safety and more. The report shows positive, negative and neutral feedback on every feature of the property.
Sentiment Analysis Report
The enhanced Sentiment Analysis dashboard shows how a property is performing at-a-glance. Respond & Resolve includes this advanced report. We can help you respond to every review and analyze your guest feedback. Learn more.


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