What’s New in 2022: Social Updates

by | January 3, 2022

New year, new updates to some of the most used social media platforms in the world. These exciting updates come at a time of many changes within the world of social media. From Facebook rebranding as Meta to the steady crossover from written content to video, it can be challenging to know how these developments will affect your hotel and marketing strategy. 

Follow along as we break down the updates that Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin are launching this year:


Taking to the increase in video content, Instagram has been pushing their reels, their branded version of short-form video. According to Mark Zuckerberg, reels are the “primary driver of engagement growth” on Instagram. The company just recently announced the ability to reply to comments using reels.

Providing a video reply is a great way to respond to questions about rooms or amenities. For example, you could respond to a comment asking if your hotel offers complimentary breakfast by recording a video of your breakfast area and talking about the different options available to guests.


With the announcement of the company’s rebrand to Meta came the news of the metaverse, an augmented reality (AR) universe that blurs the line between reality and the online world. While this development may seem intimidating, it could end up being a valuable tool in your hotel’s digital marketing arsenal.

AR offers the chance to immerse your audience in whatever you want them to see. If you’re going to showcase your rooms, you can utilize AR to enhance the experience for your followers and convert them to guests that want to experience your property in real life.


Twitter is launching some new features on a trial basis sometime this year. One of these features is called Super Follow subscriptions, which would enable users to pay for extra content from their favorite accounts. In addition, Twitter is introducing micro-communities that will allow users to connect with other individuals who share similar interests. As a response to negative interactions among users and the spread of misleading information, Twitter is also launching Safety Mode and Birdwatch to help combat these issues, respectively.

As a hotelier, micro-communities offer you the chance to connect with guests on a more personal level. You could join a community dedicated to travel and share both general travel tips and things to do when visiting your hotel’s area. Birdwatch may also prove to benefit hotels that may fall victim to an unhappy guest spreading misinformation on the internet. With this feature, other users can flag offending tweets as potentially misleading and provide more information on why it is inaccurate. 


Expand your audience through digital events on Linkedin. This platform is putting a bigger emphasis on live streaming and online broadcasts. This feature allows your hotel to reach more travel-hungry eyes. Along with these events, you can establish yourself as an expert with a feature that is like “how-to” meets stories. In addition, Linkedin offers tools that may help improve the labor shortage, such as live meet-ups.

You can bring more life to your hotel with live-streaming. From live tours of your hotel to a Q&A, you can give your hotel more personality while connecting with guests and travelers. “How-tos” are the perfect place to build credibility as a local guide and forge connections with travelers to convert them to guests. Additionally, with live meet-ups, you can facilitate the hiring process with virtual interviews to help you find the right staff members for your property.

Constructing Your Social Media Strategy for 2022

A strong social media strategy is non-negotiable for a hotel. More than ever, you need to make sure your hotel is being seen by travelers, so you need to go where they’re looking. Utilizing Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin will allow you to cover all your bases and maximize the success of your efforts. 

With the help of an experienced social media partner, your hotel has the benefit of a dedicated approach. Travel Media Group’s social media experts are there for your hotel with up to 5 custom posts per week that are designed to boost engagement and encourage bookings. We help you build your following by focusing on your ideal audience and attracting travelers with targeted ads. Make sure your social media strategy is ready for 2022. Contact Travel Media Group today!


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