Why Hotels Are Switching to Digital Concierge Post-Pandemic

by | September 29, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a lot of changes to the hospitality industry. From the ways we communicate with guests to the ways we manage hotels to even the ways we advertise online, we’ve had to adapt our approach in the era of the pandemic. One change that feels permanent is the digital concierge- but why?

What is Digital Concierge?

Digital concierge refers to both digital check-in and 24/7 texting services that accompany guest stays. A digital concierge can handle numerous requests from guests, helping to give them the outstanding service they expect. Many hotels have connected this service to a third-party app, although some use their own. However, you don’t need an app to start using a digital concierge at your property, and the benefits are great enough that you should consider using it.

Reduces Need for Additional Staff

Staffing shortages continue to be an issue in the hospitality industry. Unable to find enough willing and qualified staff, hoteliers are scrambling to find the 25th hour in the day. With a digital concierge, face-to-face time is reduced, meaning you’ll need fewer employees to field the guest requests that occasionally pop up. In addition, using a digital concierge to replace some of your staff’s duties will help keep costs down.

Streamlines Processes for Guests

In a world where instant gratification is becoming the standard expectation, especially over the course of the pandemic, guests crave the convenience of making requests with a few taps of their fingers. The 24/7 availability of a digital concierge is a huge benefit to guests and results in more positive experiences. Long lines and waiting periods caused by check-in “jams” will sink further into the past as digital concierge streamlines the process for everyone. Having such a smooth experience, guests will be more likely to leave a positive review of your hotel.

Prevents Further Spread of COVID-19

A natural side effect of reducing face-to-face time between guests and employees is it limits the spread of COVID-19. While things have improved greatly since last year, we are not out of the woods yet. Many children still cannot get vaccinated and many adults are still hesitant. A digital concierge is an attractive way to keep both your guests and employees safe. It offers another level of safety that makes guests more comfortable coming to your property.

While digital concierges are great and can save you money and your employees time, you may still need help managing the influx of reviews that are impacting your online reputation. Travel Media Group offers a host of solutions designed to help. From our Reputation Management program that helps you earn more positive reviews and manage negative ones, to our Respond & Resolve™ service that addresses guest feedback in a timely, thoughtful, and professional manner, we have a variety of solutions that give your hotel the boost it needs to stay competitive.


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