5 Reasons Hoteliers Should Join Hospitality Associations

by | June 21, 2019

Hospitality associations are a great way for hoteliers to network and stay connected to industry influencers. Hospitality associations provide educational resources, conduct trade shows and events, and advocate on behalf of their members.

If you don’t know anything about them, that’s OK! In this post, we share some of the top reasons why you will benefit from joining a hotel association.

  1. Exclusive Educational Resources
  2. One of the great things that come from joining a hospitality association is having access to their educational resources. Many associations offer webinars that help hoteliers navigate situations that they encounter at their properties. These can range from learning how to maneuver tax cuts at your property to tips for running a family business at your hotel. They send their members emails that provide hoteliers with access to the latest hospitality podcasts and upcoming events. Some associations also conduct research that help hoteliers understand industry trends and changes in the economy.

    There are also professional development resources available to members of hospitality associations, including apprenticeship opportunities and certifications that help hoteliers understand top practices in the industry.

  3. Top-Level Access to Conventions & Trade Shows
  4. Another reason hoteliers should join hospitality groups is because of the annual convention and trade show opportunities. These shows are great for getting to know the latest trends in technology that can help take your hotel to the next level. In order to attend these great shows, you must be a part of the associations and organizations associated with it.

    Learn the latest industry trends that best help promote your property by attending a hotel industry trade show through your association.

  5. Hospitality Benefits
  6. Hospitality member benefits can save you a lot of money that you can end up putting back into your hotel. You’ll get access to exclusive business services and discounts, such as simplified credit card pricing, savings on equipment, cable rebates, and more.

  7. Networking Opportunities
  8. Business People
    One of the major benefits of joining a hospitality group is the number of networking opportunities that are available to you. These groups host and give their members access to development meetings and charity events where they can get together with other like-minded hoteliers.

    By networking and meeting new contacts, you and those you’ve met can share top tips about running your businesses and learn how you can lower expenses and improve your hotel.

  9. Hotel Advocacy
  10. Associations focus on making an impact on your hotel by advocating your hotel and protecting it from unfavorable legislation that may harm your business. Some also provide lobbying efforts to ensure that your hotel isn’t being overcharged in taxes and fees.

    Now that you know the benefits of joining a hospitality association, it’s time to do some research and pick from one of the top hospitality associations.

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