5 Ways to Turn a Negative Review into a Positive

by | October 18, 2022

It is frustrating when you come across a negative review written about your hotel. Your first reaction might be to defend your reputation and immediately find fault with the reviewer. However, this is not the correct way to handle the situation. The best way to address a negative online guest review is to turn it into a positive one. Keep these top five ways to turn a negative review into a positive the next time you stumble upon an unfavorable online guest review. 


1. Respond Quickly:

Every second is crucial when a negative review is posted online about your hotel. If a review goes unanswered for an extended period, then this reflects poorly on your brand. Every minute a bad review is online without a response is an opportunity for potential guests to make a decision about your property. When you discover a negative guest review, you must respond as soon as possible. It is good practice to get into the habit of checking your online reviews daily. Responding quickly will demonstrate that you are responsive to your guest’s needs. 


2. Resolve Customer Concerns:

Next, you must take it a step further when responding to guest reviews. You must resolve the issue if the review mentions any form of dissatisfaction or complaint. Potential travelers are researching your hotel, and if they see that you fail to actively find solutions to guest concerns, you will lose their business. The value created by resolving guest issues is immense. As a result, you will not only strengthen your hotel’s reputation, but you will also cultivate a loyal customer base. This part of your hotel review response strategies is of utmost importance because this stage of the response is where guests are looking for an answer and set their expectations the highest. Ensure you do not let them down. 


3. Focus on the Positives:

Most negative online guest reviews lack any positive sentiment in them. This lack of positivity is an opportunity for you to highlight the wonderful aspects of your hotel. You can emphasize the hotel’s great value by mentioning complimentary breakfast, on-site amenities, loyalty programs, or special promotions. Doing so shifts the tone of the review from downbeat to uplifting. Potential guests who discover your online reviews on TripAdvisor, Booking.com, or Google Reviews will be aware of these offerings. When a guest learns of your hotel’s beneficial value, they are more likely to spread positive word of mouth to their social circle and drive more traffic to your property.


4. Educate Your Audience:

Furthermore, you can use a negative online review as a chance to inform guests. If the review shows a lack of understanding or awareness on behalf of the guest, you can enlighten them. It may be that the guest is not educated on your hotel policies or does not realize how to take advantage of the alluring surrounding locale. Take a minute to give them plenty of information, which will help the reviewer develop a sense of understanding and a new perspective. 


5. Welcome Travelers Back:

Finally, finish any online interaction on a positive note. Regardless of how harsh the review might be, ensure that you thank the reviewer for their feedback and look forward to hosting them again. Some guests are indeed unlikely to give you a second chance. However, even inviting an unhappy traveler to return to your property communicates some positive things about your hotel. Inviting disgruntled guests back to the property signifies that you welcome all travelers to your hotel. Next, it expresses confidence in your ability to provide a better experience in the future. Lastly, it can act as an open invitation to potential guests who view the review response.

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