Celebrating International Women’s Day with 4 Remarkable Women in Hospitality

by | March 1, 2020

International Women’s Day was first celebrated by suffragettes in 1911 and March 8th remains a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. We want to recognize some remarkable women in the hospitality industry of the past and today.

Maude Bouldin: First Female Hotel Owner in the U.S.

Breaking the glass ceiling in the hotel industry is only one remarkable aspect of Maude, who was an aviator, motorcycle-rider, and feminist. Her women-only hostel, The Figueroa, opened in 1926. The Figueroa was a haven for women to travel, meet, and discuss politics and other issues without needing a male chaperone to check in (as was common elsewhere at the time). 

Margo Golan: Developed Tourism in Key West

Image by Amber Wojcek, All Rights Reserved

Margo Golan moved to Key West, Florida from Indiana with her husband in the 1950’s. Together, they built the Holiday Inn and the Key Ambassador, two of the earliest hotels on the island. Margo could see the potential of Florida’s furthest point and spent the last half of her life dedicated to developing the tourism industry in Key West. Margo dedicated her time and money to non-profits all over Key West to support her vision and is recognized in Mallory Square by the Lodging Association of the Florida Keys and Key West.

Lisa Checchio: Chief Marketing Officer, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

In a world where only a quarter of C-suite executives are women, Lisa Checchio is making a name for herself. Before earning the CMO role, Lisa acted as Wyndham’s VP of Brand Marketing and as a Senior Vice President. Today, Lisa has overseen the La Quinta acquisition and has been a part of the company increasing franchise revenue by 35%. We’re sure that Lisa will have many more wins in her future. 

Jagruti Panwala: AAHOA Chairwoman

In its 30 year history, the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) has always been headed by men. Jagruti made history as the first woman to hold an officer position, a vice president position, and now, the chair. She still owns the first hotel she ever bought and began running over 22 years ago. As a leader within AAHOA, Jagruti works to help other women to be represented in membership and leadership. 

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