Give Guests the Opportunity to Make Up for Lost Events

by | October 11, 2021

Over the course of the last year, COVID-19 not only impacted guests’ ability to travel but also their ability to attend many events such as weddings, family reunions, and even birthday parties. Losing out on such important moments and being unable to see loved ones has hit people hard in the past year.

However, now that more and more people feel comfortable with traveling, they’re looking to do all the things they missed out on during the height of the pandemic. Many are looking for a do-over on special events and need a venue to host these occasions.

Put Your Hotel Out There

This is not the time to be shy about your property. People are searching and you want them to find you and book with you. Making your hotel visible through social media is a great way to help attract guests looking for a redo. 

In a previous post, we talked about marketing your hotel’s event space. There are so many ways to let guests know about what you offer and why your hotel would be the perfect venue. By utilizing not just social media, but your website and review responses as well, you can maximize the number of people that see your message.

Once you’ve shown your audience what they can expect from you, you can entice people looking to make up for lost time with special deals if they book their event with you. This is a great way to gain interest, but may not be necessary if you market your hotel and event spaces effectively.

Create Compelling Content

Posting things such as high-quality pictures of your event spaces and property in general is a great way to pique interest. If you already have events booked on your property, you can post pictures of the event in action, with permission, of course, to show guests what the space looks like in use. 

You can also tailor content to specific events and explain why your space is perfect for a particular celebration. For instance, you can market to lovebirds planning a destination wedding by creating a post that features your hotel’s stunning location or to a family planning a reunion by posting about local family-friendly activities around your hotel.

Use Social Media to Market Your Hotel

Social media is a highly effective method of reaching and engaging travelers and guests interested in a second chance after missing out last year. Travel Media Group’s social media solutions can help showcase everything your hotel has to offer to stir-crazy travelers who just want to get out and make up for lost time. We create engaging social media posts designed to get travelers to connect with you and drive occupancy, so you and your staff can focus on giving guests the best experience possible. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you get the most out of your social media. 


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