How To Capture Gen Z Bookings Using Social Media in 2022

by | July 13, 2022

With summer in full swing, the travel industry is busier than ever. One specific group of travelers hoteliers should focus on this year is Generation Z travelers (Gen Z). Gen Z travelers are people born between 1997-2012, and they are surprisingly more eager and ready to travel than ever before. 

According to consumer surveys conducted by Avail 72% of Gen Z travelers are predicted to spend more on travel this year in 2022 compared to just a few years ago in 2019. This sign is a significant indicator to hoteliers worldwide that they should concentrate a portion of their marketing efforts and outreach to this demographic. Capturing Gen Z travelers would result in a considerable increase in revenue for your hotel and create the opportunity to foster a loyal following amongst this younger generation. 

The goal in 2022 for any hotelier should be to capture as many Gen Z travelers as possible. One key method to successfully do just that is to utilize social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter to their fullest potential. Most Gen Z travelers use social media to acquire inspiration and plan their trips, so ensuring your company is seen online is critical.

Creating Authentic Experiences

Once you are up and running on social media, you may wonder, “well, how do I attract this demographic to my hotel utilizing social media?” The answer is to know what relevant content to post. Based on the data, 45% of Generation Z travelers seek authentic travel experiences. These experiences should be unique to the location of your hotel and showcase why your hotel in your area is the one travelers should book their trip with by highlighting local events, restaurants, and landmarks. Guaranteeing Gen Z travelers a once-in-a-lifetime experience is the message you want to convey when using social media as your medium.

Environmental Consciousness

As you keep Generation Z travelers at the forefront of your social media objectives, you must also consider your hotel’s impact on the environment. Data proves 38% of them desire environmentally friendly options when they travel. Vocalizing how your hotel actively engages in eco-friendly initiatives such as offering complimentary breakfasts with ingredients sourced from local suppliers and farmers can make a big difference and a positive impression. You can also highlight how your hotel provides electric vehicle charging stations on the property for all guests or how your hotel only supplies toiletries derived from recycled components. Giving guests mental clarity and allowing them to participate in green accommodations will present a feeling of purpose and activism which is precisely the type of gesture Gen Z travelers search for. 

Travel Like a Local

A staggering 37% of Gen Z travelers are excited to spend money with local businesses around the area they travel to, which creates a perfect opportunity for hoteliers to get involved in their local community and capture content. Once you have figured out what local businesses are offering in town and what local events are taking place, all it comes down to is putting this information on your social media pages. Demonstrating why your hotel is the one Gen Z travelers should be booking with is simply a matter of understanding them and establishing a channel to reach them via social media.

It is evident that the travel industry is experiencing severe staffing shortages, logistical delays, and volatile pricing on a global scale which can make social media efforts seem unappealing and time-consuming. However, your social media presence needs to be tended to 365 days a year, whether industry conditions are positive or negative. Here at Travel Media Group, we completely understand that sentiment and make managing your social media platforms and social media voice simple and seamless with our social media solutions tailored exclusively for the hotel industry. To learn more, contact us to start growing your social media following and capture more Gen Z bookings today!

*Source: TravelPulse News