How to Get the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence [Infographic]

by | March 1, 2016

What is the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence?

2020 tripadvisor travelers' choice award logo

TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence was renamed to the Travelers’ Choice Award in mid-2020.

[Updated Sept 22, 2020] The TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, renamed Travelers’ Choice in 2020, is an award that displays on hotel TripAdvisor profiles. Travelers trust hotels that have this award because it proves that the hotel has a large number of positive reviews. That’s why it’s important to have a plan in place to receive more positive reviews. Hotels that win the Certificate of Excellence can receive a printed certificate or display the official badge on their website.

TripAdvisor awards top-rated hospitality businesses the Certificate of Excellence annually. The TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence is one of three prestigious awards that give bragging rights to hotels, restaurants, and attractions. Displaying a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence can improve walk-in business and improve your online listings.

Many of the factors in TripAdvisor rankings are determined by a secret, proprietary algorithm (generally involving quantity, recency, and quality of reviews), but we know that asking your happy customers to leave you TripAdvisor reviews you’ll be well on your way to earning this award.

TripAdvisor’s 2020 Travelers’ Choice awards were given out in late July 2020. Didn’t receive one? Here is what you need to do to snag the award in 2021.

How to Receive the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Award

The Certificate of Excellence is awarded annually to those that consistently receive Very Good and Excellent reviews. You may have noticed this designation before either on TripAdvisor listings (shown next to a company ranking) or have seen a sticker at one of your favorite local businesses. To get the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Award, businesses must:

  1. Maintain Very Good and Excellent reviews (a 4 out of 5 rating)
  2. Receive a minimum number of reviews (the exact amount is part of the secret algorithm)
  3. Have been on TripAdvisor for at least 12 months

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TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Infographic

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Impact of the Certificate of Excellence

Once you receive the Certificate of Excellence, a window sticker will be provided to you to announce that you are a trusted business to walk-in clients. Most importantly, in addition to this offline boost, your online presence will also be impacted by the Certificate of Excellence. TripAdvisor reports that 75% of users are more likely to patronize a business with a TripAdvisor endorsement. You can see all the accolades a company has at the top of its TripAdvisor page, right under the company name. As a result, it’s easier than ever for travelers to determine who is the best choice out of comparable hotels.

Certificate of Excellence Listing

What do I need to do to receive the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence?

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence - Widgets

Promote your business’ success by displaying the Certificate of Excellence on your website.

The Certificate of Excellence is an automatic award, and you don’t need to do anything to receive or display it. You’ll automatically have the badge added to your TripAdvisor listing page. However, if you are a recipient, you can further promote your business with it by adding a widget to your website. Just go to the management portal and search for your property and any awards available to you will be shown. You can also request a printed certificate to hang in your place of business.

Even if you are not currently a Certificate of Excellence winner, you can add widgets or request a TripAdvisor sticker to help encourage travelers to leave you a review.

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  1. Dear Madam, Sir
    we are wondering How to get excellences award from trip advisor . We are and we think we could meet your criteria to received Award but never happened. Maybe you could help us how to get award. It would be appreciated.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    yours sincerely
    Nilam Bastola

    • Hi Nilam,

      Unfortunately, we aren’t able to contact TripAdvisor on your behalf or influence their decision. If you believe you met the criteria to win the award, we suggest you contact TripAdvisor directly.

  2. Hi I would like to Sol if my property received a certificate in the last 3 years. We did receive one in 2017.
    Property is South Hill Vineyards ELGIN Western Cape.

    • Hi Nick,

      From a look at your TripAdvisor business listing, it does display that you have a current TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. Congrats! In order to get your certificate, you can log in to your TripAdvisor account and follow the instructions in this article to request a printed certificate.

  3. Andreas

    Hi ! Last year I received my business Excellence from trip advisor .when I will get it this Year ?
    Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Andreas,

      The TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence winners are announced each year in May. To access all your existing awards and see how many years your business has qualified for the Certificate of Excellence, sign into the Management Center on TripAdvisor. Then click on “Marketing Tools” in the menu and select “Awards” from the dropdown. You should see and click “Certificate of Excellence” on the left side of the page.

      If you own or operate a vacation rental, there is rental-specific information available at this link:

      I hope this helps!