How To Respond To A Review When Price Is Mentioned

by | July 28, 2022

Price is something that we all consider, whether it be at the checkout line, buying something online, or when booking our next hotel stay. Price is usually the primary factor influencing a client’s final decision, and it may be positive or negative depending on the situation. As a hotelier, you are already well aware that if you increase or decrease your room prices, your guests will immediately share their thoughts and feedback with you online. As you adjust the room price, you will also be concerned about how that will affect your hotel’s occupancy number. Price is a very sensitive topic, and because of that, when price is mentioned in your online guest reviews, you will need to respond promptly and correctly. 

The Importance of Setting Price Expectations

When a guest leaves a review mentioning the price of your hotel through online websites like TripAdvisor or Google Reviews, this is the opportunity to set expectations. A proactive approach to establishing guest expectations on price via your online hotel review response strategies will help reduce price concerns when the next guest is looking at your hotel for their stay. As you respond to these reviews, you will want to remember to make the reviewer feel heard and important, as this will ultimately play a significant role in creating repeat guests. The value generated by setting price expectations for hotels is easing guests’ price troubles when they decide to look at your hotel’s online responses.

When Price Is Discussed In a Positive Review

Who doesn’t love a positive review? When a guest leaves a review for your hotel online and only says good things about it, you know you have successfully met their expectations. You want to respond to a positive review by taking an appreciative and distinguishable approach. A  great way to accomplish this tone of voice is by including all the positive aspects the guest wrote about in their feedback. Reiterating and rephrasing what was already said and then showing gratitude to the reviewer is a highly effective tactic you can utilize to give your audience a sense of gratitude, understanding, and acknowledgment. Nothing makes a reviewer feel more recognized and cherished than a direct and catered response to their feedback. 

When Price Is Discussed In a Negative Review

Negative reviews are the one piece of feedback that every hotelier fears. However, negative reviews are critical and necessary for the betterment of any hotel. When a reviewer leaves a less than desirable review about your hotel concerning price, the guest’s expectations were not adequately reached, and the guest feels as though their earnings were not well spent. Take the time to determine whether the issues that the guest experienced at the property were a service problem or miscommunication of expectations. Address any specific details the guest put in their review to help guide future guests on how you plan to resolve the issue moving forward or communicate the necessary information over review response to hopefully avoid the misunderstanding altogether the next time.  Lastly, take the time to elaborate on the services and amenities your hotel does offer and what makes your property unique to demonstrate the value of the guest experience.

We Can Help 

Knowing what to say and how to say it is an art form, and implementing appropriate responses to guest reviews when price is mentioned can be challenging. Travel Media Group makes this challenge easy for you with a hotel review response solution that replies to every guest review aimed at your hotel, whether it refers to price, cleanliness, staffing, or anything else travelers say about your property.