How to Track Guest Experiences with TMG’s Reliable Sentiment Analysis

by | October 12, 2020

Managing your hotel’s reputation alongside COVID-19 can be challenging when there are dozens of other elements in play with keeping your hotel afloat. However, it doesn’t have to be: when you’re able to meet your guests where they are and engage with how they experience your hotel, you’ll be able to make an accurate roadmap for future developments at your property.

Securing Repeat Guests With Positive Reviews

Hoteliers all know that positive reviews greatly influence other travelers’ decision to book. What some hoteliers may not realize is that you can also use them to secure repeat guests. Responding to these positive reviews helps your guest feel reassured that you heard them and happy that you took the time to reply. That plants the seeds to trust to grow between you and your guests, which is imperative for fostering long-term relationships and prolonged success for your hotel.

Understand Guest Reviews Through Human-Refined Sentiment Data

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Knowing what your guests liked best about their visit with you is equally crucial to developing a positive gust relationship, which is why Travel Media Group’s sentiment data is invaluable to the process. Travel Media Group’s sentiment data is collected and refined by real human analysts who understand guest reviews’ nuances. We use a selection of tags to show hoteliers the specifics about each review at a glance.

Having passionate analysts at the helm is a game-changer in understanding how guests felt about their stay. Tonal differences in review content can be detected and tagged appropriately, whereas AI may struggle to determine the review’s true meaning. Our tags are collected and displayed intuitively on our TMG OneView® platform, which allows you to develop an action plan that targets areas guests are dissatisfied with. Placing the effort where it’s most needed will help you optimize your operations and ultimately produce a more seamless guest experience. 

Get Results Using TMG’s Reputation Management

Our sentiment analysis is just one part of our robust reputation management solution. With us, you can also:travelmediagroup logo for reputation management

  • Track your progress against up to 5 competitors you select. You can monitor how you’re performing in your market in real-time and compare actionable insights to know what you need to do to get ahead of the competition.
  • Start a post-stay email program to encourage guests to post more positive reviews. Overall, more positive reviews will help give you more opportunities to earn repeat guests.
  • Collect internal surveys to handle guest concerns one-on-one. Handling guest concerns personally helps them feel assured that you’ve heard their comments, and it may lead to them giving you another chance in the future.
  • Set goals for yourself using our intuitive platform, so you’ll know exactly how many reviews you need to boost your ranking. Your designated client success representative will check in with you about your goal periodically to make sure you’re on the right track.
  • Get unique responses for every review, written by one of our professional response analysts. We work with you to understand your property and policies, and then we utilize your hotel’s unique voice in our responses. Review responses can be quickly approved or manually reviewed by you.

At TMG, we value developing a trusting relationship with our hotel partners through reliable, affordable solutions, and a team that celebrates every success with your hotel. Get a better understanding of your guest sentiment to start earning better reviews and repeat guests today.


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