Promoting Healthy Lifestyles at Your Hotel

by | January 31, 2019

It’s time to start making big promotional moves to boost your hotel bookings and surpass last year’s numbers. Here are some of our tips on how hoteliers can promote a healthy travel lifestyle at their hotel.

Healthy Breakfast

Kickstarting Healthy Food Options

A great way to wow your hotel guests is to supply them with breakfast that breaks away from standard hotel breakfasts. First, consider adding a few healthy items to your list that won’t cause you to break the bank.  For instance, you can buy a variety of fruits and offer them as a fruit bowl. Other alternatives to a standard breakfast would be offering eggs cooked in different ways; hard-boiled eggs, sunny-side up, etc. If you’re not already offering oatmeal as a healthy breakfast option, we recommend it. Oats are incredibly nutritious and provide guests with the energy they need to get their day going.

Ultimately, you want to make sure your hotel’s food items stand out from the other hotels in your area. For some guests, additional breakfast options can determine whether they choose to stay at your hotel or not. If you play your cards right, your guests will likely get the urge to share your hotel’s amazing breakfast on social media. So now that you know the importance of expanding your food options, put pen to paper and start revamping your menu with healthy options.

Person on Treadmill

Upgrade your Hotel’s Exercise Facility Experience

If your hotel has an exercise facility, you must make sure it is maintained in a cleanly manner. Your exercise facility should always provide fitness equipment disinfectant wipes. Also, be sure that you are providing water at your hotel gym. Most hotel brands make this mandatory, and all other hotels should continue this practice as well. If you have extra on your budget, you can even invest in a towel warmer/cooler machine that can help your guests feel soothed after a long workout.

A great way to promote your hotel’s exercise facility is by illustrating photos of your gym on your website. Don’t forget to include your hotel’s exercise amenities in a description along with the photos. Additionally, showcasing your hotel’s amenities on social media will help drive customers to book with you. This will give prospective guests an idea of what your hotel offers.


Yoga StudioConsider Local Partnerships

Now, If your hotel does not have breakfast options or an exercise facility, we’ve still got a solution for you.

If food isn’t offered at your hotel, consider partnering with a local eatery to offer meals to your hotel guests at a discounted price.

Frankly, you should think about doing the same with multiple nearby businesses. For example, if you’re near a golf course, connect with the owner and see if you both can create a deal for your guests and vice versa. If there’s a Yoga studio nearby, speak to the owner and see if they would be willing to consider offering free entry to one of their yoga classes to guests who stay for two or more nights.

Partnering with local businesses is a great way to boost your hotel bookings while helping neighboring businesses.


It’s important for your guests to know that you are taking extra steps to promote a healthy lifestyle at your hotel. Guests will appreciate your efforts and likely come back the next time their in town.


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