Social Media Ideas for Highway Hotels

by | July 8, 2016

How to Create Engaging Content

We know that coming up with social media content ideas isn’t always easy. When you first start your profile, you’re excited to post pictures of the property, spread holiday cheer, and encourage guests to stay with you. Now what? Highway hotels aren’tåÊexactly seen as a destination – rather, they’re often an end of the day exit that people stay at for only one night. However, you too can grow your social following and be seen as more of a purposeful stop for return guests with engaging social media content. Be sure to switch up your posts and have a good mix of content.

Check Your Backyard


Nebraska’s “Carhenge” is located near US 85 and NE-2, in a city with a population of just 8,500.

Okay, not literally – we know your backyard may just be an overpass. But there may be more attractions near you than you think, even in the “middle of nowhere.” Check out Tourist Attractions Near Me and choose your city to find attractions in your state, and just how far away they are. You’ll likely find fun roadside attractions and great state parks and wilderness areas you never knew about.

Quick Tip: If you’re still coming up short, don’t be afraid to post about the big cities that you could be a waypoint for. For more local content ideas, check out our article on finding rich social media content near you.

What’s Nearby?

Remember that a guest is looking for much more than just a place to sleep when they choose a hotel. Share details that will benefit different travelers, such as what is at your exit, what is walkable from your hotel, and distances and directions to local welcome centers and rest areas.

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Quick Tip: Set up an RSS feed with local news sources so you’ll be alerted to what’s happening in the area. Drivers will really appreciate if you can share traffic alerts, road construction, and weather alerts for the area to help them prepare for the drive. Some RSS feed readers you can use include Feedreader and feedly, or simply use the local RSS feeds that are set up for you as a part of our social media service.

Quirky Holidays

If you’re looking for big engagement, then you have to try posting about quirky holidays. It seems like almost everything has a “day” now. All you have to do is search “weird holidays” or “[month] holidays” and you’ll find some great ideas to build and schedule content around.

Quick Tip: Did you know July 20 is National Lollipop Day? Put out a bowl of lollipops on your counter, snap a pic, and share with #nationallollipopday. Better yet, ask guests to take a photo with their lollipops at your property and share with you on social media.

Guest Reviews

If you get a glowing guest review, don’t keep it to yourself – share it! 86% of travelers report that reviews are important to them when making a travel decision. Travelers want to hear about other people’s experiences, especially if there is an example of a way your property went above and beyond for a guest.

Quick Tip: Past guests are reviewing your hotel on TripAdvisor, Yelp, Expedia, Google, and more. Don’t miss a review – check out our comprehensive reputation management service that alerts you to new reviews and easily allows you to share reviews directly to social media.

Travel Tips and Helpful Information

Drive the Nation Travel ArticlesThere is a wealth of information out there to help traveling go more smoothly. Be a resource for your social media followers by sharing packing tips, fun road trip stops in your state, and gadgets that can make their trip easy and fun. Try searching the archives of the Drive the Nation website for location-specific articles relevant to your hotel or check blog for tips on traveling with kids and pets, technology recommendations, and more.

Quick Tip: Drive the Nation focuses on road trips and features many articles on lesser-known areas of the U.S. Here are a few guides to get you started: