Social Media Resolutions for your Hotel’s Success

by | January 7, 2019 | Social Media

The new year is here, and it is time to kickstart your social media success.

At first glance, social media may seem quite difficult to understand. Some of it can be, but we're going to share some of our best tips to help you maximize your social presence. In today's world, it's all about making your business mobile friendly and easy to find online. Whether your hotel has an account or not, we have you covered on how to help make your social media shine this year.

Produce Effective Call-to-Action Content

You want to make sure that you create effective call-to-action content when putting together posts. One of the best practices is to create content that places the traveler at your hotel before they decide to book. For instance, showcasing your property's best amenities is a great way to show potential guest that your hotel will be a good fit for their stay. Additionally, you can catch the traveler's attention by posting promotions and discounts on your social media. Travelers love to find a good deal, and it is very important to post seasonal or event-driven discounts across all mediums. Better yet, those amenity and discount posts can have a direct link to your website so they can book rooms instantly. Hotel Facebook Post

Additionally,  you want to make sure that you set up the Book Now button on your Facebook page. If a traveler sees pictures and posts that they like, they can easily click to your website and book right away. Not only is this great for them, but it is also great for you. You will be steering them away from OTAs by driving them straight to your site.

Facebook Book Now Button

Incentivize Social Media Interaction

Hotel Facebook Contest PostA excellent way to get more likes is to bring your guests in with interactive content.

With that said, a great way of doing this is to create social media contests. Giving prior and prospective guests the opportunity to receive something in exchange for interaction is a key way of engaging with them on social media. For example, you can give away a free night or weekend stay at your hotel or give away a free meal for two at your hotel's restaurant.

Whatever the contest may be, it will help elevate your social media interaction and it will boost your guest's perception of your hotel. Even those who might not have won the contest will appreciate your effort to reach out and it'll create credibility between you and your guests.


Understand the Effect of Insights & Analytics

For one thing, Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics are extremely useful tools that are right at your fingertips. Using both, you can see the number of followers and likes you have received over time. These tools are essential for keeping track of what content your guests may like and dislike. This is extremely convenient when deciding what content you plan on producing in the future because it helps you identify your social media patterns. These tools can help you determine what guests enjoy or wish could be different about your hotel if you truly analyze the information given. As a whole, this is a great way to measure your call-to-action performance and social media interaction when it comes to Facebook Likes and Twitter Retweets.


If you need help producing an active and engaging social media presence, we can help you reach more travelers and increase direct bookings through our social media solutions.


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