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by | February 20, 2019

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Just as the hotel industry has evolved over the last decade, so has social media. Yet, some hoteliers still utilize their social platforms as they always have. It is time to level up your hotel’s social media profiles and leverage them to engage more travelers than ever before. We understand that adapting to social media changes can be difficult when managing a hotel. Tune into this webinar so you can see how we can help you power up your knowledge of how to grow your audience and reach the next level of social media optimization.


Social Media Goals

Social media is continuously developing. With that said, what was popular then may not be popular now. When promoting your hotel on social media, you want to make sure that you are using the newest features and functions that are offered to account owners. When utilized correctly, marketing on social media can provide the capability to boost your occupancy.

Level Up List


Social Media is a big way for you to recruit hospitality employment. It can help you network with qualified candidates who you may want to hire for your hotel’s open positions. Being able to recruit high-quality employees through social media can enhance your hotel’s guest experience.


Next, we strongly advise you use social media to educate travelers about all of the benefits and wonderful amenities your property has to offer. Also, you may educate potential guests about great spots to visit in your area. Highlighting the benefits of staying at your hotel is an excellent way to take on social media.


Travelers are attracted to posts that inspire them to explore and head out of town. When thinking about what you’re going to post, consider pushing out content such as travel quotes and ideas for their next visit to your area. The main goal is to encourage and inspire them with alluring, call-to-action content.


Ultimately, engaging with travelers on social media is the core element for increasing your audience. Ask your current followers to share their favorite experiences at your hotel. Doing this is a great way to extend your reach to future guests. If a traveler puts out a positive post and tags your property, the post can reach all of their friends and boost your hotel’s social engagement.


Take your social media to the next level by learning more about our custom, Social Media solution.



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