The 3 Benefits of Outsourcing Online Guest Review Response

by | August 31, 2022

Operating a hotel takes a significant amount of time and energy. From tasks such as:

  • Managing Employees
  • Serving Guests
  • Daily Hotel Operations

It may seem like your hotel can not suitably monitor your digital reputation; however, an incredibly critical component of your digital profile is responding to public-facing guest reviews and communicating with your reviewers. Realizing that you or any other team member lack the availability to allocate a portion of their day to write review responses is not an option. The best way to handle this dilemma is by outsourcing. The advantages of getting a third-party company involved in managing your online hotel reviews are unmatched. 

Leave It To The Pros

Whenever a particular job needs to be executed, it is best left in the hands of an expert. The results generated from having a professional do the job are vastly superior to if a novice or average skilled person performs the job. Expert writers reply to numerous reviews daily and have honed their skills over a significant amount of time, making them the best in the business. A significant benefit of professional writers is they can tailor and showcase your hotel’s voice on a high level. You can even instruct them on how you want your voice to sound or inform them about other general brand guidelines, such as what to mention in the response, like property renovations, policy changes, or information on amenities.

Reclaim Your Time

As a hotelier, the most valuable asset you possess is time. Managing a hotel takes immense effort, from serving guests to supply chain logistics or even directing hotel staff – your hands are already full. The most relevant benefit of outsourcing review responses for hotels is being able to prioritize and maintain on-site hotel responsibilities. This is the perfect way to ensure your guest receive quality service and you receive 5-star guest reviews. The boost of credibility and improvement to your hotel brand and reputation from 5-star reviews will make you a leader and formidable competitor in your respective market. 

Mitigate Your Losses 

Outsourcing response writing will negate overall hotel losses. Losses such as:

  • Fewer Bookings
  • Employee Turnover                                       
  • Guest Dissatisfaction

It can all be avoided by focusing on your core competencies. Remember, when you save additional time daily, you can invest that time in other areas of your business which will vastly improve it by reducing adverse outcomes. Fewer bookings will be a result of not responding to online reviews promptly. Employee turnover will be a product of workers being stressed out by having to manage and respond to so many guest reviews in a short period of time. Lastly, the consequence of guest dissatisfaction will arise from your audience being unheard and not feeling like their concerns are being addressed. 

Look No Further

Consider outsourcing your guest review responses with the hotel review response solution. Travel Media Group has designed and developed a robust strategy that will allow you to optimize and maximize your public-facing reviews by responding to every review in real-time.