The Benefit of Sentiment Analysis

by | June 29, 2020

Reviews are the driving force of every hotel’s reputation, so it’s imperative to understand every element behind each one your property receives. That’s where Travel Media Group’s intuitive sentiment analysis system comes in: we provide an at-a-glance look at guest sentiment for your hotel, split into a system of 24 tags marked “positive,” “negative,” or “neutral” by our team of Reputation Analysts.

Why Use Sentiment Analysis?

Our sentiment analysis tool goes beyond simple numbers – it shows you what guests thought about each element of your hotel they discuss, even if they rated your hotel highly overall. Reading into your sentiment analysis allows you to continue improving even when your hotel is already doing well. You can push the limit of excellence for your property and provide an experience where guests fall in love with every element.

It’s also helpful in conjunction with TMG’s 1st Impression Score™: if your impression score goes down, you can dive deep into sentiment analysis and find out what aspect of your hotel is causing guests trouble. This helps you precisely identify areas of improvement.

How Does Sentiment Analysis Work?

Our sentiment analysis breaks down reviews into 24 potential tags, separated into 3 categories: room, service, and facility. As our Reputation Analysts read and respond to your reviews, they’re also reviewing tags. With the element of human review, we can catch implicit statements and provide a more comprehensive analysis.

The sentiment analysis, available 24/7 on your OneView™ dashboard, gives you information about each tag you’ve received on your reviews, such as:

    • Frequency of tag’s mention.
    • Average tag rating.
    • The average review score associated with the tag.
    • The total number of mentions of the tag.
    • Date of the tag’s last mention.

A graph showing a green line arcing in a bell curve to show mentions of a sentiment tag

With this data, you can hone your attention to individual aspects of your hotel and see how they’re holding up to guest’s impressions. You can even click on the graph for each month to view that month’s reviews associated with that tag. 

You can set a custom date range and view as many or as few tags as you’d like from the Advanced Search box.  


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