The Key to Reputation Success in 2020 [White Paper Download]

by | February 14, 2020

Key to Reputation Success in 2020

Why Recent Reviews & Responses Matter More Than Ranking

For many hoteliers, TripAdvisor is the most important website for attracting new customers and competing with other local hotels. Whether a traveler is booking a hotel on an OTA website, directly on the hotel website, or over the phone, almost everyone checks reviews on TripAdvisor first. 

Understandably, because of the impact reviews have on hotel bookings, hotels want to be as close to #1 as possible for their city on TripAdvisor. But today, ranking at the top is more complicated than just having more 5-star reviews than the next hotel. And you may not realize that being #1 isn’t the only way to succeed!

Just like Google, TripAdvisor’s search function is powered by an intricate algorithm which decides rankings. This algorithm is tweaked and updated to keep up with traveler search behaviors to provide more relevant hotel matches for the browsing party. 

In this white paper, we break down the key to reputation success today. You’ll learn: 

  • TripAdvisor’s current ranking algorithm
  • Factors that impact actual booking behaviors
  • How hotels can work with the algorithm to earn more bookings – even if they aren’t #1

In addition to explaining how you can reach more people, we’ll also share the places that you may not even realize you’re showing up on TripAdvisor. If getting to the top of your city list seems unattainable, you may be surprised to find out the other areas you’re actually ranking on TripAdvisor!

Key to Reputation Success in 2020

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The Key to Reputation Success in 2020