The Main 4 Objectives of Responding to Online Guest Reviews

by | November 3, 2022

You may wonder why responding to online guest reviews is so important as a hotelier. Responding to guest reviews not only builds your online reputation but also does much more. Review response writing is an excellent exercise to practice. When you do it enough, the quality of your responses will improve before you know it. As replying to your guest becomes more natural, keep the four main objectives of responding to guest reviews in mind. If you find developing your review response writing challenging, you can always seek help and put your trust in the experts. 


Engage with your Audience:

The priority when it comes to hotel review responses is to engage with your online guests as much as possible. Your audience is the foundation of your hotel brand, and their voices need to be heard. When a guest writes a review, you must ensure that someone on your team sends a reply. Your responses represent your hotel’s attentiveness, professionalism, and care. Each guest review deserves a response; if you can successfully deliver on that, you will enhance your hotel’s online reputation. Another recommended piece of advice is to check out the TMG official Review Response Guide for hoteliers, which details all there is to know about managing online guest feedback for hotels and hotel management groups. 


Foster a Community:

The next objective when responding to online guest reviews is to build and maintain a healthy online community. As a brand, hoteliers understand the significance and impact of brand loyalty. Developing unwavering brand loyalty is the value generated by fostering your hotel’s online community. An established group of guests that feel heard and, in return, continue to stay at your hotels is the perfect hospitality ecosystem.


Remedy Negative Reviews:

Nobody likes negativity, especially in the form of a negative review. Unfortunately, negative reviews are essential to your hotel’s reputation. They help you better understand how to increase guest satisfaction. The focus when it comes to negative reviews is to mend the relationship between your hotel and the guest. When a guest is dissatisfied with their stay at your property, use an online review response to alleviate their discontent. Responding to guest complaints is crucial because potential travelers are also reading your reviews. You want to ensure that your hotel property is actively reading unfavorable reviews and solving the problem so that guests know you are listening to them.


Stay in the Loop:

The final object of responding to online guest reviews is to know what travelers have to say about your hotel. Whether good or bad, you must keep a pulse on how your guests feel toward your property. This information is vital to your strategic plans to better your hotel for guests. The relevance of knowing what guests are saying about your hotel through online review responses can not be overstated. Use this knowledge to your advantage and demonstrate to travelers why your hotel is the place to be for their next trip.


Help has Arrived:

Even though you now know the objectives of responding to online guest reviews, it can still be a challenging mountain to climb. There is so much nuance to response writing. Travel Media Group makes this process easier by offering the industry-leading hotel review response solution, specifically for hotels and hotel groups. Through this digital strategy, hoteliers can refine and optimize their review response writing themselves or leave all the work to our in-house team of expert writers.