TMG Celebrates 1 Million Guest Reviews Responded To

by | August 25, 2022

Travel Media Group is pleased to announce that they have responded to a monumental  ONE MILLION guest reviews with their Respond & Resolve™ review response solution. As a provider exclusively serving hospitality, this is an exciting milestone for the company and its hotel clients.

What Is Respond & Resolve™?

Travel Media Group’s Respond & Resolve™ solution is a strategy composed of highly trained, expert writers working in tandem with brands, hotel management companies, and individual hoteliers worldwide by responding to every guest review across a dozen online industry reviews sites.  Launched in 2016 with only a few individual hotel partners enrolled, TMG’s Respond & Resolve™ solution has grown exponentially and now serves over 1500 hotels globally.

The Goal To Hit One Million Reviews

The incredible accomplishment is a result of a strong industry appetite combined with the dedication and perseverance of the TMG Respond & Resolve™ Team, led by Product Manager Jackie Avery. When asked what specific qualities contributed to the success of the solution, Jackie confidently replied, “Our Standards. Our Respond & Resolve™ team has exceptionally high standards to which we hold each individual writer accountable. Moving forward, we will continue to elevate those standards, as we genuinely believe that the solutions we offer to our clients must continually exceed their expectations. Our clients deserve only the best results, and we deliver on that”.

Jason Lee, Chief Technology Officer at Travel Media Group, commented, “Observing the evolution and journey of our Respond & Resolve™ solution offers a prime example of who we are as a company. One million guest reviews responded to is no small number, and we accomplished that feat through teamwork. TMG continuously reinforces that we only succeed if we do it together, step for step with our hotel partners. Whether it means working internally with our Respond & Resolve™ team or communicating and collaborating with our hotel partners externally, we can only bring such a tremendous goal to fruition by coming together. That kind of unity is a foundational principle at Travel Media Group. We’re passionate about it, and it’s consistently practiced every day”.

Stay Tuned

When asked about the path to this accomplishment, Dana Singer, President of Travel Media Group, says, “The road to responding to one million guest reviews has been exciting, and what we’ve learned along the way will help us accelerate into the next million and beyond.”  

Along with this incredible achievement, Travel Media Group is currently developing a groundbreaking multi-language function that will assist hotels in interpreting and responding to those complex reviews.  

Respond & Resolve™ is the gold standard in review response, and Travel Media Group will continue to innovate and expand its competitive advantages to maintain that title. Their next milestones are sure to be exciting, so stay tuned.

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