Top 5 Review Response & Social Media Trends To Look For In 2024 [Webinar]

by | December 29, 2023

The year would not be complete without one more incredible virtual event to end off on. This webinar will cover the following topics, including: 

  • Business Travel
  • AI & Technology in Hospitality 
  • Reputation Trends in the Industry
  • Social Media Platforms to Prioritize in 2024

These are intentionally selected to position your hotel properties to capture more bookings and increase hotel revenue in the new year. By expanding your hotel portfolio’s digital presence and leveraging the insights presented throughout the event, you can outperform the competition in your respective markets. 


With travel demand back to normal and guest feeling refreshed from their leisure trips, the industry is forecasted to enter a period of high business travel. The primary demographic of those business travelers taking trips in the new year will be those belonging to the younger age categories, such as Gen Z and Millennials. The relevance of this information is helpful as hoteliers begin to find efficient methods to reach these groups and ultimately capture their hotel bookings. 

The trend of younger generations being the leaders to spearhead business travel next year signals a few things for hotels and hotel management companies. Being on social media and engaging with travelers through digital channels like online guest reviews is essential for attracting their interest in your properties. Additionally, focusing on sustainability initiatives and promoting those efforts should be a priority. Young travelers continue to show their interest in safe and environmentally friendly practices, which means being a leader in this area will result in you being top of mind for guests throughout their booking journey.



In our TMG Fall Guest Sentiment Report, where we provide hoteliers with the most current and accurate guest sentiment findings, we discovered that price continues to be a sensitive subject for many. Addressing this concern and other critical pieces of guest sentiment detailed in the report will put your hotel portfolio ahead of the curve.


Artificial Intelligence is rapidly becoming incorporated into the traveler’s booking journey due to companies like Expedia and TripAdvisor finding new ways to aid travelers in their digital searches. Guests can now type in prompts on these websites and receive immediate insight into the guest experiences at your various hotel properties. It is imperative to keep a pulse on what travelers say about your hotels by actively managing your guest feedback and resolving any negative criticism, as AI makes it easier for people to find it. 

Furthermore, AI technology is giving travelers more specific information on why guests liked or disliked a hotel experience. Many review websites let individuals give vague feedback, but AI counteracts that by taking that sentiment and expanding upon it in just a matter of seconds. Providing a 5-star guest experience for every single traveler who stays at your hotels is now more vital than ever.



Having a prominent and active social media presence can not be emphasized enough. It is no surprise that social media should be high on the priority list if you are looking to target travelers of any age demographic. This year, a significant trend that surfaced is businesses are increasing their activity on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook and decreasing usage on platforms like LinkedIn and TikTok. 

It is highly recommended that regardless of what social media platforms are used for your hotel digital marketing strategy, you need to ensure that each forum is used correctly and consistently. Customizing content on each platform will vastly strengthen your social strategy in more ways than one. Increased followers, engagement, and bookings are the top three outcomes of properly leveraging social media. Incorporating dynamic video content into the mix and avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach to each site will take a hotel’s digital marketing to the next level and help it stand out from competitors.

In a digital landscape that is quickly implementing more artificial intelligence, being genuine and showing travelers authenticity through online review sites and social media is key. This past year saw the rise of AI but also the emergence of people yearning for more original and authentic sources. When trying to simplify the guest experience via AI with things like chatbots, reservations, or mobile check-in, be sure to include a way for travelers to receive a personal touch. 

People from all over the world are searching for unique experiences, and many seek specific activities that promote engaging with others. Taking the trend of authenticity into the new year will differentiate your hotel brand and give it the upper hand in the market.

The final trend that prevailed this year is that time will be your most critical commodity. These statistics are shown above from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and represent how the hospitality industry still deals with staffing challenges.

Travel Media Group conducted a survey that asked our hotel partners how helpful and efficient our social media and Respond & Resolve digital solutions are at giving them more time in their schedule and their overall satisfaction. The data gathered from the TMG survey explains how hoteliers are able to dedicate more time to their hotel guests on-site and provide exceptional service while Travel Media Group handles all of their digital marketing responsibilities.


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