Travel Media Group Announces First Virtual Trade Show

by | July 27, 2020

In response to the current state of the hospitality industry, Travel Media Group has made the decision to host and participate in virtual events to consult with hoteliers nationwide. The brand announced their first TMG Virtual Trade Show, which will take place August 4-5, 2020.

“We love to connect with our partners on a personal level while prioritizing their health,” said Travel Media Group VP & General Manager Dana Singer. “That’s why we decided to host our first Virtual Trade Show Booth. Our goal is to deliver personalized, stress-free conversations about optimizing hotel revenue, reputation, and our solutions directly to hoteliers.”

Travel Media Group intends to deliver virtual trade show events regularly for the foreseeable future, and looks forward to participating in virtual industry events such the upcoming 2020 AHOAA virtual conference.

What to Expect from Our Virtual Trade Show

Travel Media Group’s Virtual Trade Show is designed to provide a casual atmosphere for hoteliers to discuss their unique struggles with TMG Brand Ambassador Ryan Embree. The personalized discussion will be tailored specifically to each hotelier’s needs – whether they own one property or manage hundreds.

The team at TMG works exclusively with hotel owners, management groups, and brands and understands how losses in revenue affect hotels.

“I know how hard it’s been for hoteliers over the past few months,” said Ryan Embree, brand ambassador. “I’m prepared to develop a revenue recovery plan with you.”

Through the virtual trade show event, hoteliers will have the opportunity to see exclusive analytics from TMG OneView™ that help put elements of your hotel’s reputation into perspective. Each discussion lasts 20 minutes, and Ryan aims to maximize that time to ensure all needs are addressed. Afterward, hoteliers will have the option to follow up with one of our hospitality solutions advisors to continue the conversation if they have further questions, or are ready to initiate a partnership with Travel Media Group.

Since March 2020, the hospitality industry has suffered lost revenue from canceled large-scale events such as conventions and trade shows nationwide. While the effects on occupancy have been significant, the necessity of social distancing has also led companies like Travel Media Group to find new and exciting ways to connect with their clients.

“No matter the situation with your business, know that we are still here to help you manage what’s important,” said Ryan Embree. “Our solutions are more affordable than you think, and will enable you to dedicate your time and energy to what matters most at the property.”

Learn more on the official event page.


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