Travel Media Group Launches Social Video Content for Hotels

by | October 5, 2023

Travel Media Group is proud to announce the October 1, 2023, launch of social video content for hotels as the latest innovation to its social media digital solution. As the number of hoteliers seeking to improve their digital presence through dynamic media such as videos grows, TMG is once again proving its industry leadership by being one of the first to provide social videos exclusively for hotels and hotel management groups. 

Social Media Manager at Travel Media Group, Brian Ross, gave insight into how the new social video offering will impact their existing hotel partners by stating, “Our clients who have a custom social partnership with us will have immediate access to user-friendly video creation tools within our TMG OneView® dashboard that will empower them to easily create exciting videos for their social following across all their social accounts for their hotels in a matter of minutes. We understand that many hoteliers are up against limited time and staffing challenges to dedicate hours toward video creation, so this dilemma was the catalyst for social video for hotels.”

With over 40 years of industry experience and leadership, Travel Media Group has cemented itself as one of the premier providers of digital marketing services for the hospitality industry and keeps a tight pulse on the pressing digital difficulties afflicting hotels and hotel management groups alike. 

Chief Technology Officer, Jason Lee, shared his expertise by adding, “Being on the frontlines of digital marketing for all of our hotel partners across the nation day in and day out showed a missed opportunity that we were not initially capitalizing on. With the prevalence of video media dominating the social media landscape within any industry, it seemed clear that it was the right time to present this development to our clients to help them share their unique hotel stories with their respective traveler audiences.” 

Interested individuals can learn more about TMG’s social videos for hotels and their all-inclusive social media digital solution